Cannot change nickname

I have tried to change my nickname under "Edit profile", but this appears to have no effect.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to
2. Click "Change nickname"
3. Enter a different nickname in the box
4. Click Done
5. Refresh the page (F5)

 Expected result:
The new nickname should be shown under the pin/avatar.

Actual results:
The nickname under the pin/avatar reverts to the old nickname, and the old nickname is still shown at the top right.
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  • Hi Arnt,

    thanks for the excellent bug report. I thought it was a bug for awhile, but then I realised that you need to hit the green 'save changes' below.. It looks like that button belongs to the password field, so not great UX from our side.. Sorry about that.

  • You're right, I completely overlooked that button. Thanks a lot!

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