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Cancelling pro account deletes maps created?

Between Christmas and New Year I activated the 10-day trial for pro to finally be able to create maps. I probably spent around 24 hours creating them (maps with around 1000 places to keep the maps replayable for people). For example the "US Cities Population 150K+" map I created has already seen 139 plays.

Now someone notified me I might lose all those maps when I cancel pro. Is that really true? It says so at least when I initiate the cancellation process.

I could understand from a developers point of view if there were a minimum like pay at least 1 month or 3 months to keep the maps but having to pay "forever" just to keep the maps?

It would be really sad if all that effort would go to waste and I would not have put it in if I knew about this uncertainty beforehand. Additionally some of the maps will be used in a upcoming tournament organized by someone of the subreddit.

I heard from a community member that there are former pro users where maps still exist. He gave me examples of users so it's definitely true. So I am very unsure about this message that pops up when initiating the cancellation process. Please let me know how this exactly works.

I already sent an email a while ago but maybe it's easier for you to answer on Kundo.
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  • I made a bunch of maps and then cancelled by subscription. When I came back and renewed my subscription, those maps still existed but were disabled. I'd have manually re-enable them if I wanted to restore them.
  • It would be nice to have an official answer though. I've spent hours working on custom maps and I don't want to lose everything if I have problems to keep pro in the future.
  • Devs it's almost been two months now... why not answer?

    JayRS What do you mean by manually re-enable?
    RadoX1988 (Alex)
  • They became unpublished. I recently "published" them, and they now appear to work fine. However, while they are unpublished, they are not playable.
  • Hi

    Sorry for the late reply, must have missed this post.
    As some of you already have figured out your maps will become unpublished once you're no longer pro. However, the maps and all the map stats are saved so that if you should become pro again in the future you can simply re-publish them to make them available again.

  • Hi,

    If it is the case, then why some maps are still there when their authors aren't pro anymore?

    For exemple this map (second most played user map):
    The author isn't pro anymore:
    But the map is still published.Same for his 2 another maps. It is because of its popularity? Just trying to understand as it seems a bit confusing.
  • Hi KillerMapper

    That is interesting. Since the map you mentioned is quite old (published 2016-03-16) my guess is that the functionality for unpublishing maps upon cancellation weren't in place when this user cancelled his pro subscription. We'll have to take a look and see how many maps are in this state before we decide what to do with them, but my first thought would be that we make an exception for these maps and let them stay published since a few of them still are quite popular.


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