Canceling a cheated game

I play competitive for the leaderboard and the Spring season (I was Top 100 in the Beta Season), and I just lost a game against a cheater using a bot. I report the player with the game URL, but have you the possibility to "refund" the points lost and cancel the game?
The cheater was a low level, so I lost 29 points, and tens of places in the global leaderboard and Series classement. It also breaks a sery of 48 victory in Duels Series.
It's so frustrating to invest tens of hours for Series and global Leaderboard and lose so much just because of one cheated game, especially when it's so difficult to win a couple of points in high level leaderboards...


  • Hi,

    Send an email to with the link to the game etc and we can look further into it 👍
  • I just sent an email, thanks for you answer!

    I'm sure you do your best to ban the cheaters (and good luck for that, I just wrote "Geoguessr bot" in Google, there is so many links...), but I hope you will also change the points systems in Master and Champion Divisions that is so punitive (you lost more points in one game that you can win in 20 games), encountering a cheater would be less problematic...

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