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Canadian pricing not even close to conversion rate

I'm assuming the prices are in US$ when I try to purchase premium in Canada. But even if I apply a conversion rate the amount in the cart is way higher. How come 2.99$ becomes 4.79$ by the time I go to pay? Is it somehow in Euros but it uses the dollar sign?


  • I would say taxes? Can't confirm though.
  • Nope not taxes. We have lower sales tax schemes than many places in the US.
  • Nope, the price we have for CAD for the time being is 4.79 or 44.28 for the year.
  • Sure, my question is why? That doesn't match up with the USD conversion pricing.
  • Thats the pricing we have decided on for CAD which we have had for 4 years.
  • Any chance to reconsider and/or just tie the CAD pricing to USD?
  • Nothing we have discussed, but we have made some local pricing in other areas (India for instance) so might be changes to the pricing in the future.

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