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Can you please give the map a full screen mode?

Since yesterday i think, The map is even smaller than before, its waaaay too small now. Can you please give the option to make it bigger?


  • We used to be able to increase the map size twice by clicking the arrows above it. Now we can only increase the size once before the increase size arrow gets greyed out, so we can't make it as big as before. I would like to be able to increase the map size a bit more, like we could before the update.

    So even if a full screen option does get implemented, I would still like the old extra size to be available as well.
  • Agreed with CoathangerSoup , please give us back a bigger map size option. Play the game is not fun at all with a very small map.
  • They fixed the missing map size. It still resets it size between each round but we already reported the problem.
  • Hi,

    As you've noticed there are some things that we've missed and or that are not working properly. We've added your input to our backlog and are on it. Fixes should come out soon.

    thanks for the feedback

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