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Can you create a Google Play app?

The new iOS app is another step forward, but can you release a Google Play app for Android Devices? Thx



  • Hi S,

    We're working on it, hopefully it'll be out soon.
    Stay tuned!


  • GeoGuessr is still the original/greatest use of Maps — and I'm a fan!  Great news to see (2019) launch of Pro version; however, nowadays, I do 99.9% of everything on an Android device of one kind or another (usually Pixel + Android 10)…
    Paid (Pro) app for the Google Play Store, please???

    Would love to support you guys as you continue to support GeoGuessr and keep it running. ...and, re, "people don't pay for apps anymore" — I willingly pay for YT Red and other premium apps, just, they have to be good, usable, no-BS, continuously updated apps (because I'm picky?)

    Tristan Morrow

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