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Can I sync my account on iPhone and website?

Hi! I LOVE the game and have been playing it for a while on the new iPhone. I thought I’d create an account and then sign up on the website and pay for a year pros account too
i love it! But here is the question - does my Pro account sync over to iPhone? Does it unlock maps?Does my progress on my iPhone sync across to the website? Are the synced? If so how?
DJ Paine


  • I think the pro subscription only works on the website, not the iOS app. Same for geocoins, they're only used in the app, not the website.
  • BUMMER! is that true? can i make a map challenge and send it to people to play on the iphone app???
  • The iOS app is a different game. I don't think you can use browser version's functionalities on the app and vice-versa.
  • Hi,
    No unfortunately the app was built before the account concept was built on the site and doesn't make use of it. In the next version of the app it will probably be the same as on the site and things like challenging your friends on your own maps like you mentioned should work.


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