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Can I buy a subscription for someone else?

My co-worker loves geoguessr and plays it religiously every lunch. I don't play it (or enjoy it tbh) but I do enjoy his expression whenever he gets one really close.

I'd like to get him a subscription for christmas since I think he was a bit bummed out by the change that meant he was restricted in how much he played.

Is it possible to buy subs on behalf of other people?
Secret Santa


  • Hi Santa,

    Hehe, that's nice of you.

    Sorry, but it's not possible to buy a gift card etc at the moment, what you could do is to create an account and buy a subscription. Then I can switch to his email so he has control over it.

  • Is this accurate in 2022?

    John Crovo
  • Addendum:

    I have a friend in Russia, his GeoGuesser account subscription is about to run out. But, because of present international circumstances, none of his credit cards will work. I would like to help him keep his subscription.


    John Crovo
  • There are gift cards now:

    It's only for a whole year.

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