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Bumped out of my one free game for the day.

This is sort of a feedback/complaint/question.  I did not finish my one free game yesterday.  I looked this morning and the game was still open and playable on my home computer.  Later this AM I went to play a game on my office computer and it said I have no free games left for today.  🙁   I know the answer is to pay the subscription but, at the moment, I don't plan to.  
Can this little issue be fixed so that one whole game can be played each day? Thanks!

Jim McCave


  • It may be a timezone thing. Which timezone do you live in? Or did you start the game less than 24 hours ago?
  • Central Time zone.  I did attempt to finish/start a game in less than 24 hours and it was on a different computer than I started on.
    Jim McCave
  • You need to wait 24 hours between each new game. It's by account, changing computer won't change anything.

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