Bull's eye mode suggestions


this week we played some bull's eye games with 4 teams of 4 players, it was a good experience but it could be improved, here are our suggestions :

-it would be really nice if we could choose the size of the circle (and adjusting the points accordingly of course). Right now there are only a few possibilities to choose from, being able to have a circle the size we want would give more choices for players to choose exactly what they want in their circle and how many points they try to get. More choices for the players make the game more interesting.

-A small quality of life improvement : making the round end automatically if someone finds the 5000 points location. Right now the round finishes either when the timer is finished or when everyone has guessed, however i see no reason to keep guessing if someone in the team has already found the best possible solution. I know it has already been suggested but i just want to repeat because it is probably not that difficult to do.

-we have played in team vs team, but in order to do that i had to make specific maps with only 5 locations so that every team would play the same game. It would be great to be able to play bull's eye mode the same way that we play team duels : one single lobby, two different teams that compete on the same 5 locations. I understand this would require a lot of work, but i hope you can think about it when you plan your future new features because i believe this game mode could be quite popular.

Thank you very much, i wish you a nice day.


  • Thanks for the feedback! ❤️

    We have discussed having a slider, but there will be some pro and cons since its a bit more difficult having it from 0-5000. But might be something we add later on.

    That it should end when someone gets Bullseye is something we will add most likely soon.

    Yeah Team Bullseye would perhaps be something for the future, but for now the idea was to make a local co-op mode and not making it competitive as such.

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