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Bug Report/Help Recovering a Lost Game

So I was playing Mapper's 'Europe' map. I slaved through the first two rounds to get a perfect score in each. Took me about an hour and a half. Then I decide to take a break and edit the Texas map I'm creating, by opening a new Geoguessr tab. I do this, then take a break from the computer in general for a couple of minutes. When I come back, the screen has gone black. I wave the mousepad and it instantly pops back on, but when I return to my Europe Geoguessr tab, I have been reset the Round 1 of my 10,000 score game.

"No big deal" I think. I can just go to the "Ongoing Games" tab. That's exactly what I do. I click "Europe Round 3/5" Resume. When I do that, it immediately opens a pop up saying "You have an unfinished game." No shit, Sherlock. I click "resume the game." But instead of resuming the game I was trying to resume, it resumes the new game that was started against my will. Ugh. So I go back to "Ongoing Games". This time I click to resume the newer Europe game, and when the tab pops up I click "start new game" in hope of killing the new game tab, because I couldn't find a way to kill it otherwise in order to resume my old game on the same map.

So I guess I'm reporting two problems:

1. Either when my laptop goes black for a few seconds, or when I open a new Geoguessr tab, apparently there's a chance of my game being reset. Annoying, but easily remediable if it weren't for:

2. Apparently it's impossible to resume an older game when there's a newer one on the same map.

Both of these problems mean my perfect two rounds that I worked so hard on are now essentially null-and-void. It's not just the score, I also like to review each location I visited on Google Maps when I get the summary page at the end, but now that option is gone too. Maybe I'm missing something that could easily fix this? If not, I'd suggest you give an option to delete games from the "Ongoing Games" tab, or maybe make it to where your game isn't reset so easily.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to get my game back, or just ensure that this problem doesn't happen in the future. Apologies if I've overlooked something obvious.


  • I did some tests and it looks like this happens when you play using the green play button (challenges work fine). It will always resume the very last current game, even if the "resume" button link points to a specific game ID. This is indeed a bug as it should resume the correct game in this situation instead of the latest.

    I may have found a way to get the game back: just finish the newer games (just make random guesses) and when the game you want to continue is on the top of the ongoing games (at least for the specific map you played) you will be able to resume it.

    If you have pro the best advice is to use the challenge button: you can still play alone without any time limit and nobody can join it until you complete the 5 locations or if you share the link. Bonus: you'll be able to see the distances and have a link you review your score and the location forever.

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