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bug report - kind of - Explorer Mode pins in wrong country

I am working my way through Southeast Asia in explorer mode, and twice recently I played a round where the pin was eventually discovered in the wrong country.

Issue one: While playing Cambodia, I started on a backroad, once working my way out to civilization I noticed that the language on the sinage was in Thai. when I finally solved the round I realized I started about 50m from the Thai/Cambodia border in Thailand.

Issue two: Very similar, Playing Laos, my starting location was in Thailand. The starting point was very near a border, but once again sinage had thai characters. I won the round pretty quickly, so no harm, no foul.

In both cases there was no street view anywhere nearby in the intended country.

Somebody should probably review the pool of pins on the SE Asia peninsula to keep things accurate. Either that, or someone is playing an interesting practical joke.


  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for raising!

    We are working on this issue with border locations. It is the same with Country Streak where some (Bhutan-India, San Marino-Italy) sometimes is not completely accurate. 🙂

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