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I selected Singapore in the country streak game and it was not given correct.

Challenge Highscore - GeoGuessr

Afterwards,when checking the location through google maps it showed that the location was in fact Singapore.


  • I get the same glitch in every country streak challenge I've played this afternoon. It doesn't occur in single player games, but the challenges sure need to be fixed.
  • same bug for me,so frustrating don't know what to do

  • Hi,

    We are working on a fix for the 5th location glitch for Challenges in Streaks. So it should be back up and running soon.

    William in regards to the black screen we need some more info in order to be able to know where the issue lies:

    Does it work with another browser? What browsers do you experience this issue in?
    - What operative system do you use?
    - Have you tried another device and see if it works?
    - Try clearing cache and cookies and see if it solves it or not.
    - Which Game modes do you experience this issue in?
  • hi, i found a bug in battle royale, it happened 3 times today, when 3/4 people remain in the game i can't lock nations, the button is impossible to click, is like "stuck" (and obviously i lost cause of that issue), maybe is just a connection problem (i have a good connection tho), thanks.
  • hi i cant play any modes.
    Its says loading on everything, what can i do?

  • Ich wollte ein Monatsabo abschließen und mir wurde der Betrag für ein ganzes Jahr abgebucht.
  • I saw the first one then accidentally turned my phone sideways and then it rotated, so I then turned it back the right way and the screen in which you look around went black. I then went back to the main menu to try again and it had used up my daily game 😒😒
  • Hallo!
    Playing the distance battle royale and this came up;

    I couldn't guess anything, since no map so i got knocked out.

  • Sorry, it made the picture unreadable. Attached.
  • I have a bug in GeoGuessr.  If you put the game down for a few minutes, it goes back to the start screen.  But if you go ton”unfinished games” instead of taking you to the last image you were on, it takes you to the last one you guessed.  Then of course you’ll be completely off because the game thinks you’re guessing the new image not the previous one.  Can this be fixed?
  • Hi it keeps showing Norway as another persons incorrect guess.

    But then the correct answer turns out to be Norway.

    Quite frustrating
    Steven Powell
  • Hi Steven,

    Thats the classic "chad-move" in which someone picks Svalbard (Same flag as Norway) in order to trick other players into thinking its not Norway.
  • The Svalbard Treaty of 1920 established full Norwegian sovereignty over the archipelago.

    So its like you´re saying  The Isle of Wight is a different country to the Uk with the same flag.

    LOL.  but OK. Thanks for the reply.  at least I know this silly trick. But I wont use it.
    Steven Powell

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