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Bug in country battle royale

Today I played country battle royale and I found a bug - the country which we were guessing was Norway, but it also was showing on the wrong country list on the right side, so two players lost because they probably thought, that Norway was wrong. Five minutes before this, it happened with me also, the country was Thailand but it was showing on the wrong country list. Also in that round, there was a problem, that I could not guess more countries, because map was froze, time ended and I lost. At first I thought that maybe my eyes are glitching but after Norway round - I guess not ;D

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  • There is no glitch with the flags. This is what we call the Chad Move, which consists of wrongly guessing a territory with a similar flag on purpose to fool other players. For example you say Thailand was already guessed but was you sure it wasn't Costa Rica instead? Both flags are similar, with inverted colors. Or maybe it looked like Thailand but was Laos or Cambodia instead (especially Vientiane that looks quite similar to Thailand).

    About Norway, Svalbard and Bouvet island all have the same flag too and it's very common to guess Svalbard first then Norway to fool other players. Many options exist for many countries, like Chad with Romania (hence the move name as the first Chad Move ever done was with Chad in a Romanian round).
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  • Im hearing about this move for the first time in my two month "gaming" and thinking about this more, you are probably right, because in the screenshot (can see it in picture), there is one player with Romanian or Chad flag and his name is "Romania?" so probably this guy was the joker in my games. I remember him also from the Thailand game (and that probably was Costa Rica flag, because i know flags very well and probably I didnt see that simbol on the left side). He had gold, 47 level, so I guess this was my "bug". Did not have this expierience before so thanks for your explanation! 😀
  • I had the same problem about 5-6 times in the last month, and this is the most recent one about 10 minutes ago. The error only occurs with Norway ! this must be fixed

    Saeed Zahra
  • For the last 3 days I keep getting infinity loading panel at battle royale. I can't make a guess therefore.
    Kind of upseting. I already used to loose for incompetency, but now I'm loosing cause of a bug.

    upseted nana
  • I was just knocked out of a BR game because the game wouldn't recognize my selection as correct. The country was Singapore, I clicked twice on Singapore and got both times the "wrong country" message.
    John Karteros

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