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Bug in Competitive City Streaks

I have a bug in the Competitive City Streaks which don't allows me to continue ma game. I can't do anything in this situation, I have clicked almost everywhere and if I close this window it is just saying that map is being loaded (like on the 2nd image)



  • Hi Wiktor,

    I have sent this on to the team to look further into. Thanks for raising!

    In the meantime you can always try troubleshooting by changing browser or device and see if it fixes it.
  • Ok, can you write me if something happens? Thank you in advance.
  • The same thing has been happening to me!!! I have been trying all day from a bunch of different browsers and it still is not working

  • Heyo!

    Yepp we are working on a fix now, so hopefully soon it will be sorted šŸ˜€


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