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I loved it when I could challenge my friends with the same maps. I don't like challenging a friend on different maps. That isn't fun and it is NOT a challenge. The maps can vary in difficulty and if they are all the same then it is a true challenge to see who was closer but when they're different, it kinda sucks. Please fix. Loved this game but it sucks to play by myself because we can't get the same maps.
Amanda Rodriguez


  • I don't see what's your issue. You can challenge other people with the same map and even the same 5 locations by creating a challenge. You have a big orange challenge button on every map and you can set a time limit. Then you give the created link to your friends. They will play the same game than you and you will have the leaderboard at the end.
  • I’ve been playing geoguessr for a while and i know the big orange challenge button is supposed to do the same five maps. But since last year, every time I send the link to someone, it never does the same maps. I know this because the person can literally be sitting next to me and it’ll start with different ones that are never the same and go through 4 other different maps right after. I can’t be the only person this is happening to.
    Amanda Rodriguez
  • Aleksandar
  • Or some other buggy character in your name. Try changing your name to something without any unusual characters or punctuation if you have them.
  • Hi Amanda,

    If you have a ' or " in your name it's probably the issue that Aleksandar mentioned above, it's fixed and will be released tomorrow.

    Could you let me know your name or email (here or send me an email if you don't want anyone to see it) and I'll have a closer look at your case.


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