Bring back pass and play

I will be deleting the app until I can sit on the couch with my girlfriend and play on the same device. Happy to pay a monthly subscription or one off fee but definitely not interested in battle royale mode.
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  • Hi,

    We are working on adding a Single Player mode to the app so that will be out soon.

    The old Pass n Play is not something we will release since we will add game modes that we offer on the site as well. Hopefully in the future we can add some sort of co-op mode both on the site and the app however.
  • That's really disappointing to here. Oh well, missed subscription/purchase from this user which is a shame. I don't want to play co-op, i want to take turns versing the person on the chair next to me. Looking at the reviews on the app store, I'm not the only person disappointed with this update.
  • Hi,

    I understand. But we will hopefully launch something similar to it, but not physically where someone passes a phone to another.

  • Sorry… I only played the pass n play as well… so I will also be cancelling subscription.
  • Guys seriously, pass n play was the game! Please Consider to bring it back 😉
  • I have sent the feedback on to the app-gang for pass n play! 🙂

  • Definitely missing the Pass & Play feature! I wish I hadn’t updated the app, I loved playing with my kids who don’t have their own phones. 😩
    Lisa B
  • Hi Lisa,

    The update will roll out to everyone, but I understand that you are disappointed.

    I have sent the feedback on to the team.

  • Canceling....pass and play was the only game we played
  • Cancelling now as well. The only mode I wanted was pass and play. Without it the subscription is useless to me. Feel free to email me if you ever come to your senses and bring it back.
  • Pass and play was such a fun activity for my family.  We could all compete and have fun on the same locations!  Please bring it back! We are so disappointed to not be able to play together anymore.  Why would you take that away?  We would even pay for the option!
    Peter Sinclair
  • This is awful that you took away pass and play, unless it is being replaced where we can play against out friends in the same manner without the battle mode style. I play this all the time with my family and we love it, what a shame.
  • Girl friend and wanted to play and saw that pass and play was gone. I paid for the subscription thinking there was a pay wall for the feature only to find out that it's gone. I will be canceling my subscription and uninstalling the app

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