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BR scoring - how is it calculated

I just finished another round of Battle Royale but still can't grasp, what I get points for.

Easy to guess:
- Position
- Winner
- No power-ups

Rather easy to guess:
- Speed Bonus? Probably whenever I pick the right country in the "locked" time?
- Spare life? Lifes that I didn't "waste" with a wrong guess

No idea yet:
- Perfect round? 
- Difficult round? When in some rounds everyone guessed right? Is it accumulated over the rounds?

It would be really helpful, if I could simply check an FAQ or there'd be some help on how points are calculated. As of now it's just some random numbers that are going up (which is fine).



  • I think difficult round is when more than 50% of the remaining players failed to guess the correct country, not sure if they need to be eliminated or if they can still get it after a wrong guess.

    Perfect round is probably guessing the right country without any mistake but how it is triggered is unknown. Maybe it is only obtained once for the whole game and it's just guess the correct country on your first guess, or it is for guessing the correct country without moving and within the lock time. Lot of possibilities.

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