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BR Country mode "matchmaking" is creating impossibly long waiting times for high-level players.

I have an account with a 1.7 average position in Country BR over more than 3000 games, ever since this system was implemented I've been having to wait minutes for a match to start, rather than a few seconds like before.

It's been making the mode unbearable to play, every single match I join only allows a really small pool of players which takes minutes to join, not to mention the matches very rarely reach the maximum number of 10 players, making them rather boring, very quick games, the split of BR into two different modes extrapolated this issue even more, by significantly decreasing player activity in the Country BR mode (it also seems that Distance BR currently lacks any type of matchmaking at the moment).

I've noticed before that if no player joins a match after a specific amount of time the page auto-refreshes and adds an "?any" to the URL, I assumed that meant that the match was now accepting any player into it because it was unable to be filled up, but that doesn't seem to affect anything anymore.

Please, tweak the matchmaking formula to be less strict with players more outside of the bell curve, I've been honestly contemplating just creating another account and deliberately trying to keep its BR stats more average just so I can play Country Mode at all, and I shouldn't be having to do that.


  • System seems way better now, thanks for listening!
  • Yepp all good PLCx! 😀

    We will continue working on it so let us know if you find any more bugs or issues.


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