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BR countries bug - guess isn't being accepted

sometimes in BR countries, if a guess has been locked during the period, it will not be “sent” to the game, meaning I experienced several times that:
  1. I lock the correct country in (in hindsight 😉
  2. After the lock-in period is over, the game continues as if the guess was wrong
  3. Turns out my original guess was correct
I originally thought it was only my wrong perception, but im now 99% it’s a game problem. I suspect, maybe, that it happens if the guess doesn’t reach the server before the end of the lock-in period. Sometimes my guesses need a few seconds (judging from the hourglass on the guess button).


  • Hi,

    Thanks for reporting this,

    Send us an email to with the problem. Please also add what platform you are playing on and your Player ID. If you an link to the games that this happened in it would also be great!

    Then we can take a look at the issue!
  • This is the same sort of thing that keeps happening to me, usually for me it is on the distance games where the guess simply won't register and then I'll lose the game, even when I have more than 10 seconds to go.
  • In case you have tried some troubleshooting (another browser, device, network, disabling/Enabling hardware acceleration, disabling extensions/plugins etc) and it still occurs on a regular basis -> send an email on to with links to the game and rounds it has happened in and we can have a further look.
  • true, now that ian mentioned it, i think it can also happen in BR distance.

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