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Blank screens at some locations


I've been playing a lot on the London map and have had several games that included locations that were just a blank, black screen that was still navigable. This game in particular had 2 such locations, the 3rd and 5th:

Thanks for the game - I love it, especially now that you can choose a map to play!

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  • Sorry about the attachment above. Made a mistake while I was trying to copy in the challenge URL - please ignore.

  • Hi Maura. We'll have a look and remove those locations. Thanks for telling us.


  • Playing today I had 4 blanks screens. 3 blank screens on the Landmarks maps and then I switched to European union maps and the first one was blank. Please help with these problems I love this game. Everything started happening when we had the option to log in.

  • Hi Bryan

    It seems like this especially has started becoming a problem for the landmarks game. Most likely this is due to Google Streetview removing a few of the locations that are used. We'll take a look and hopefully have a fix out soon!

    Kind regards

  • #3 here, too.

    Isn't there some way you can, before initializing a location, check to make sure that it exists?

    Ben Martin
  • Hi Ben. I'm sorry about this. During our push last week, this functionality was temporarily disabled. I'll get on it right away.


  • I guess this is a "me too" post: I also played landmarks and got 4 out of 5 "no pictures".
    Good luck fixing this, I really enjoy this game!

    Dick Kleiman
  • Hi everybody

    Is this still as big an issue as before? We've made some changes that hopefully affects this, but it would be great to hear your side as well.

    Kind regards

  • I have this issue right now. Came here by google.
    I'm in round 3/5 and all i get is a blank screen, no matter what i try. I'm running Google Chrome Version 40.0.2214.111 m
    Unfortunately I can't provide the malfunctioning game url, it simply says .../world/play probably because i closed the browser to get it to work.

    Thank you very much for your game. I'm really enjoying it.

  • cpuram14
  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback, we've been working on removing broken images and I hope it's a little bit better now. I think famous-places is most severely affected, we'll keep tweaking it!

    Stay tuned for updates!


  • Still a problem.

  • Hi CAC

    Thanks for letting us know. Are there any special maps or areas where you seem to encounter this more often?

    Kind regards,

  • hello, I just got a blank screen in the World game.

  • Kristen, do you have a link to the game or location where this happened?

  • Hi Kristen and Carel

    As Carel already stated it would be awesome if you had the share-url (can be retrieved from the final summary view) for the game where this happened. This would allow us to investigate your game further and hopefully find the source of the problem.

    Kind regards,

  • Just got a blank screen in a World game for this location near Ježenj, Croatia:,13.8...

    As you can see, there's no street view available anywhere near it.

  • Hi Tod

    Thanks for the feedback! It would be great if you happened to have the share url for the game where this occurred? This gives us additional information regarding the location and is great to allow us to understand what the issue might be!

    Kind regards,

  • Shoot, I wasn't thinking at the time and didn't save the URL. But I'll send one if it happens again in the future! Thanks.

  • Thanks for helping us improve the game!


  • I just got a blank screen on the fifth location of this game:

  • Confirmed blank screen on Amos' game. I also had that guess map glitch on rounds 1-4 (but not on round 5) where the guess map would always have rectangular chunks that were grey.

  • Round 3 of this game is blank.

    As a little experiment, I haven't guessed it yet, and have saved the challenge link for later. I'll see if it eventually gets fixed.

  • Yep, but Amos and Nicepants rounds seems to have been removed. Sorry about that guys. We have to improve the detection of broken locations so that we can remove them.

    Thanks for letting us know!


  • OK - blank screen in Round 5, and here's the URL:

    And how do you find the forum from the Geoguessr site? The only way I know to get here is looking up emails from kundo.

  • Yup - click on the link and get a blank screen. Must be the Land of Nul.

  • To get to the forum from the main site, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site and look for the icon that looks like a speech bubble. Its small. Is Post a screenshot but I'm on a phone atm.

  • Whoa, just checked the game I'd left above, this challenge link:

    And now round 3 has a playable location.

  • What I got in your link nicepants was 1. a grey screen, and then 2. a challenge from somebody popped open on top of it.

  • @William what nicepants posted was a link to a challenge that he created so that's how it's supposed to look. I agree that the grey screen can be a bit confusing.

    @nicepants Nice! We just have to find a way to filter them until they are playable again..

  • In my experience, the number of unplayable screens has increased dramatically of late.

    The number of blank screens may have increased a bit but the addition of Google Business sites has really exacerbated the problem.

    Getting stuck in a t-shirt store somewhere in India with no data really wrecks a game.

  • Hi GStark,

    We're working on getting rid of blank screens constantly, hopefully they'll decrease soon.

    Google Business is an interesting issue but I agree it sucks getting stuck inside with no way to go. Maybe a 'skip this map' button could solve this problem.

    Thanks again for taking time to improve the game!


  • A "skip this map" button would be great for other problems too. If I get plopped down in the Australian outback one more time, I'll...I'll...stuff myself with cookies and pie till I explode. I don't know. It's not that the outback locations are unsolvable - I've always been able to suss them out. Eventually. It's just that it can take a very, very long time; the photography is usually abysmal - very low resolution so you can be directly in front of a sign with good lighting and still it will be unreadable; and the scenery is...awful. No mountains, no trees, no rivers, just red dirt and scrub and endlessly straight roads. I find myself thinking, why do people live there? Trying to figure out where I am, when it could be anywhere in 90% of the continent, just isn't worth the time anymore - there's no reward, like beauty, or interesting houses or landscape, a sense of an interesting culture, or a feeling that I'd like to travel there sometime. If anything, Geoguessr has made me decide that I never want to go to Australia, even though I've seen a few - very few - decent-looking areas. I guess I'm one of those who's attracted to Geoguessr not just because of the game itself but because of the places it takes me, and the outback lost its appeal a very long time ago. I'd love to be able to skip it altogether.

    End of rant. [;-}

  • Noted. We've been talking about that for a while I'll bring it up again with the team!


  • Oh, I don't know... It's all part of the world um, I mean game!

    After all, once you start down that path you would have to ask whats worse, the Outback, endless Veldt, the middle of RN40 or 81, northern Sask wheat fields, or NB corn, Russian taiga highways, or worse?

    t's true that the Outback can be a slog and it is maddening when the camera has muck on the lens and you can't ever read the few things you see, but it s a game and you can choose to slog it for glory or just bail.

    It's not a heck of a lot harder than finding a sign in English in the Urals!

  • I'll say what's worse is the Outback, hands-down. If you can find a sign in the Urals, at least you can read it and translate it - plus the Urals are green mountains, and wheat and corn fields, no matter how vast, are nicer to look at than red dirt and scrub. Brazil is often a challenge because it's gigantic and much of it underdeveloped, but the terrain is at least varied, and it doesn't take forever to get a clue about where you are. Even Scandinavia can be a little tedious - it's so neat and clean! - but generally it's still a pleasure to "drive" around, and Norway in particular can be spectacular. Parts of South Africa are hard to distinguish from the Outback, but at least they're more settled and the photography is far superior. I think Google must have sent its teams down there with crummy cameras, or the people never cleaned the lenses (that's true also of many places in the southern U.S.). The Outback once in a while is tolerable, but I for one seem to get it far too much - it's 90% of the places I get in Australia, and that's what annoys me. Part of the fun of the game for me is the detective work, and in the Outback that becomes more of a chore than fun. I've been lucky enough to land in the far southwest and in Tasmania, but have yet to see the east and north coasts.

    And there are such vast areas of the world where Geoguessr doesn't go. Lately I've been getting into some very cool places - Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, but only twice have I gotten India, for example. I can only guess that Google couldn't get people into every country and every region, and I have no idea what constraints GG folks operate under and what they have to do to get these games up and running. I appreciate deeply what they do; as a game GG is enriching in a way I didn't expect. So my critique is part constructive, part appreciative and part spoiled brat.

  • I mostly agree with you.

    I was just at Wounded Knee, SD which was crappy grassland and lo=res images, but once I realized where the heck I was, I had to go back in Google Earth and look around some more. Yipes...

    India is very hard. It makes the Golden Triangle part of Thailand easy in comparison.

    I have gotten to where I can tell Perth bush from Victoria or Brisbane bush, so it get's a little easier over time, but I totally hear what you are saying.

    Other recent cool places for me, Van Turkey, Donetsk Ukraine, several Mediterranean islands...

    It's my new favorite game.

    Thanks GG Team

  • I'd love to see that area of Turkey - I did get to see the northeast coast on the Black Sea, a region that's always fascinated me. I've been to Malta, Canary Islands, just got back from Curacao. I fear Thailand, but for some reason I've always been able to find at least one sign in Roman alphabet. The places I saw in India were very British-era cities, so that was easy - out in the countryside would be another story - I've been there in real life, and I was always lost. Another very difficult place is the Yukon, and also the north slope of Alaska, especially in the snow. Japan's been not too hard - occasional Roman lettering and sharp photography help. I think I've been to every country in Europe except Switzerland - the varied topography is enticing. GG has changed my impressions of Spain and, well, a whole lot of places, and I keep Wikipedia open during every game, which inevitably lengthens the games considerably, following links like a bloodhound, starting at one little town somewhere and ending up in, say, astrophysics, just 6 degrees of separation away. I'm very grateful.

  • i have had several black screen cases and this is now you said that it would be fixed it has been 3 years where is the fix why do you just not remove a loction of one and not the ether.
  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the feedback! It's baffling to see how good you've become at being able to locate the different scenery, great work!

    @carl: Sorry about this, we're continuously working on removing bad locations but since there are such a vast number of locations to go through (and more added and removed every day) sometimes a few bad ones reaches the users.

  • Andrew

  • I'm in a country streak and I'm getting a black screen. Kinda frustrating at this point since killing it off means losing the streak. Can you fix it?

    Ian MacGregor
  • It looks like a problem from Google. Looking at the console the request is aborted at some point for some reason. Using the coordinates the correct answer is a road in New Zealand which has Street View but impossible to load it from Google Maps as well.

    The location is near this place:
    It is on the road on the right. If you try to move forwards you'll see it won't do anything despite of a blue line being present. Nothing can be done to fix it sadly, Google being the source of the problem.

    Maybe this will fix itself later and you will be able to resume the game. The guess button is blocked because the script stopped working as it can't load the data from Google. Problem is that you shared the link so anyone can now access it and guess a wrong country on purpose... (but they can't do it until the picture actually loads). I'll report your message so they remove the link to avoid people ruining your streak on purpose.
  • Thank you for your help above.  I was able to continue because it let me choose without seeing a picture.

    However, I've now had that streak killed off at 486? because GG has incorrectly classified a border location. Same game URL as in my previous query, fortunately nobody sabotaged it while the link was available. I did not think to screen-capture the "you got it wrong" screen, but presumably you can see this. Location is about 10-15m on Italian (E) side of the border at the Chiasso crossing. This is clearly the case in Google Maps' Street View if you synch up the view. I know sometimes map co-ordinates are off relative to SV by up to 20m (e.g. in Cambodia -- but Europe? There should be tons of data in Europe with which to get it right) and presumably this is one of those cases. I now have no proof of the GG location but by my memory, generally good for this kind of thing, it was between the semi-circular bays of the Italian-side customs buildings with the two bollards on the low traffic island just to the right (when looking north) with the blue Italian(!) police van to the southwest. Obviously, with so much time sunk into getting to this stage I checked the location of the border very carefully before choosing, and the position was definitely on the Italian side of the line, not in Switzerland! But GG has ended my streak for guessing correctly, falsely claiming that the location is in Switzerland. Can you fix this and re-instate my streak?

    I was wondering whether to complain or not but what has precipitated this is that GG has just done it to me again! I was warming up a second streak while you responded to my blank-screen query and I was plugging away at this after being shafted over Chiasso yesterday, but GG just told me at 101 countries that my location was in India, not in Bhutan. Given the exact location is in Bhutan even in the "you got it wrong" screen (attached, see the border labels on the right), you can see that although the border in the overlay runs south of the location, the red-shaded area, supposedly India, runs north of the visible India-Bhutan border here. That is some kind of national territory-vs.-national border mapping error within Google Maps or GG. Twice in a row! Again, can you fix this and re-instate my streak? Or do I and others just have to accept that GG is going to give false, streak-ending and time-wasting wrong answers on borders?

    Thank you for your help.
    Ian MacGregor
  • Hi Ian,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I have sorted this streak for you! In case you encounter it again, send me an email to and I can help restore it.


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