Black screen

I've tried everything thats been listed so far, but the only thing that works is a VPN, however I do not want to be connecting to a vpn every time I want to play asz it interrupts other activities on my computer. Google streetview works completely fine. Thanks.


  • Hi,
    Totally understand that its annoying having to play through a VPN. Im not sure if its on our side or yours if it works via VPN.

    - Does it work with another browser? What browers do you experience this issue in?
    - What operative system do you use?
    - Have you tried another device and see if it works?
    - Try clearing cache and cookies and see if it solves it or not.
    - Which Game modes do you experience this issue in?

    If the issue is still there on different devices or on different browsers we would need the following in order to look further into this:


    To capture:
    1. Open the game and start the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    2. Reproduce the issue
    3. Stop the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    4. Save the capture (see HAR capture instructions)

    Send us the HAR-capture to and we can have a further look.

    Kind regards

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