Black Screen

I know this question has been posted before, but there has been literally 0 answer. No maps work and I only get a black screen. I have tried all the available "fixes" to no avail. I paid for the pro version... I should not be experincing this.
Murphy Carey


  • Hi,

    I believe that the previous black screen problems that affected some people have been resolved since a few months back. What you are experiencing now sounds like something different.

    Perhaps you have tried this already, but if not:
    - Try another browser
    - Try another GeoGuessr map
    - Disable hardware acceleration in your browser
    - Does other third-party streetview websites work for you? E.g. something like

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Hello,
    I also have this problem on every single game, and ive tried all the solutions and google maps and street view works without a problem. I waste all my games not being able to see anything and I never get to play anymore.
    Please help,
  • Hi Ida,

    If the issue is still there on different devices or on different browsers we would need the following in order to look further into this:


    To capture:
    1. Open the game and start the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    2. Reproduce the issue
    3. Stop the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    4. Save the capture (see HAR capture instructions)

    Send us the HAR-capture to and we can have a further look.



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