Black screen???

Literally every game is a black screen. I saw a forum post about this a while back but it was only happening every 10 games or so, but for me I literally can't play a single game because the screen is always black... someone please help
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  • having this issue as well
  • Hi guys,

    Sorry you have experienced this. It could be the browser and the operating system, so trying another one or another device might solve it.

    If you would be able to record when you get this error that would be greatly appreciated so we can look further into this.


    To capture:
    1. Open the game and start the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    2. Reproduce the issue
    3. Stop the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    4. Save the capture (see HAR capture instructions)

    Send us the HAR-capture to and we can have a further look.

    Thanks in advance!

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