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Black Screen of Death

I love GeoGuessr and spend way too much time playing. I've had numerous perfect scores. But way too often, when a game starts, I get a completely black screen. This happened 3 games in a row this evening.

It's very frustrating when I get to round 4 of 5 and can't play. I can put a pin in somewhere and score a few points, but that takes the fun out of it. I get arrows and the icons on the left, but otherwise it's all completely black. I can navigate around. Still black.

I would gladly sign up for the paid version, but not when it doesn't work half of the time. Sigh.
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  • I'm having this problem too. I thought it was because I closed my laptop mid game causing it to corrupt or something (It was fine for the first half and then black when I continued it later), then the next round was the same.
  • Exactly my problem, black screens.

  • I now have 100% games with black screen. It's like Google is blocking Geoguessr to load their data. Regular streetview works fine on Google Maps.
  • That worries me, KillerMapper, I would only get one or two a game. Does anyone know if the Pro paid version fixes these problems?
  • No, it does not, George. I'm not experiencing 100% black screens, but I don't think having pro or not makes a difference.
  • Hi guys. I can confirm that this issues mentioned in here will not go away with a pro subscription. I'm looking into this right now. We've seen this before when Google updated a rather substantial set of locations and GeoGuessr was a bit slow on picking up on the changes. If you guys have any links to games containing broken locations, that will certainly help.


  • Same problem! Mine go black randomly. This map - for instance - was fine until 10 seconds ago and now it's completely black :/ I honestly don't like losing points because of technical issues 🙁

  • Has this been fixed?
  • Hi Tammy

    We recently started going through the locations which hopefully should make this problem go away, over time. It might be a while before you notice any major difference but please let us know if you should encounter this problem again!

  • This has been happening to me for three days now. It's very frustrating, because I love Geoguessr and it's preventing me from playing! (Maybe it's trying to tell me to get a life?) Anyway, is there anything I can do to fix it, or should I just keep checking to see if it's working again? I usually play the USA map, but sometimes World or Famous Places. All of them are the same right now, just black with the name of the road showing, if that.
  • Black screen same as Kathy.
    Dusty Longwill
  • Nothing has changed in the last week. There is no point in sending a link, because it happens EVERY time, with EVERY map. The problem may be our old computer just can't handle it anymore, but everything else  (GoogleMaps, etc.) is still working. I'm on the verge of giving up on GeoGuessr, just assuming it'll never work again, especially since no one there has answered to give me a hint as to what to do to fix it. I'll miss it, but what can you do?

  • Hi Kathy

    What browser are you using? We've previously had reports that some browser extensions (Avira antivirus for examplt) create problems with Google streetview (which GeoGuessr uses). Could you please try to start a new browser window in incognito mode (which disables all browser extensions) and see if there's any difference?

  • Hey Anton,
    I have the same problems with the black screen in every game. I tried to disable all extensions, but it didn't help a bit. Regular Google Street View works perfectly fine on every browser, even with the extensions enabled.
    The black screen only occurs in your game, regardless of the browser, the installed extensions, or the OS. The Game is unplayable at the moment.

    p.s. all drivers on my computer and add-ons like Flash Player and Java are up to date

  • I have had the same issue for about a week on the computer in my office, while other computers (e.g. in the lab or at home) are fine. There's a small square in the bottom right corner that you can see the street view but if you try to pan around the visible square keeps jumping back to the corner.
    Also on my office PC I can see the street names, and before the black screen of death, the "transition" when moving around was the old-style transition, not the "zoomy" transition from street view.
    It's the same in chrome and firefox, and also incognito/private mode makes no difference.
  • Thank you, Anton, for responding. Also, thanks Philipp and Alan. Relieved (in a way) that it's not just me. I would have tried to figure out what "incognito mode" meant, but since apparently it doesn't help anyway... 😀   I've tried it in both IE and Chrome; same result in both, except that IE is more likely to freeze entirely, while Chrome allows guesses in the dark. (It's a weird way to play, but I was desperate!) Oh, also, it still seems to work normally on my daughter's boyfriend's computer. Mine is a several-years-old Dell desktop; his is an extremely expensive gaming computer (don't know the years.) Maybe it's our ISP?
  • i have the exact same problem, black screens, but only on firefox.
    on chrome / edge it works fine, so the issue for me lays in firefox.

    a clean install does not fix it either
  • Frustrating, disappointing, discouraging. I thought all the problems were resolved... unfortunately
  • RenĂ©
  • Hi guys

    Sorry about the late reply! This is a difficult issue to troubleshoot since we can't recreate it on our end, and there also be multiple reasons for this problem to appear so please bear with us!
    Are you still experiencing these problems? We've had some reports that similar problems have been resolved for users with the latest Chrome update.

  • I haven't had the black screen lately. I've had issues with the map vanishing when I zoom in to pinpoint the location, though. Usually the map comes back when I zoom back out to where I can see a whole continent. I spent a couple hours on the back roads of the Italian Alps, only to not be able to zoom in on the GeoGuessr map to make my guess.

    It's a great game, even if it's frustrating at times.
  • Update:
    Appears adblockplus is blocking streetview elements on Firefox.
    Turnig abp off for sites using streetview seems to solve this issue
  • I have the same issue, Chrome, all black except a little square at the bottom right corner.

    Tried incognito. Works in ie though.
  • I'm having the issue still. Nothing I've tried has worked. Pretty saddening, as I love this game a lot. I've tried on IE, Chrome, and Firefox, and they all show the same thing. A black screen with only a small square on the right side app.
  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the tip Motorola!

    A few thing you can try and see if it makes any difference:
    1. Clear the browser cache to make sure that you are using the latest version
    2. Try using a different browser and also try using incognito mode (this disables all extensions e.g.)
    3. Try to disable hardware acceleration in your browser


  • Tentei fazer o recomendado porĂ©m nada mudou, continuo com uma tela preta e um pouco da imagem no canto da tela
  • Hi Ian

    Could you please take a screenshot and add here? It would make it easier for us to troubleshoot what might be the problem.

  • I can add one late next week. All black except a small visible part in the right corner. Think an image was uploaded showing this. Cache cleared. Only thing working is another browser.
    Andreas Karlsson
  • Okay, here's an update. Disabling hardware acceleration (whatever that really means, heh) did the trick, at least in Chrome. It's tricky to find, however, at least for me (I had to get a young friend who's good with computers to do it.) Back to being able to see the whole picture, yay! Oddly, the street names no longer show up, but I'll take it. Thanks for the suggestions.
  • Hello, i've been having the same problem. For me it mostly happens in places which aren't photographed from the street, when making maps they look like little blue dots.
    Tried disabling extensions and hardware accelartion, doesn't do anything. When making maps you can click on the blue dots and the preview will be black but if you click on google logo on bottom left it opens a new tab for google maps and it shows the place but when playing there isn't such a possibility it's just black like in Rene's picture.
  • There are a lot of places like this on this map -
  • Disabling hardware acceleration did it for me.
    Andreas Karlsson
  • Okay, you are right. Disabled it and restarted my pc and it works fine now.
  • Great to hear that hardware acceleration seems to solve if for you! Just let us know otherwise.

  • this ones just a black screen and nothings helping.

  • Disabled Hardware Acceleration, didn't help. IE and Firefox both annoy me more than the "Black Screen of Death" does because they crash constantly so I'll stick with Chrome. If it helps, I've only had the problem with the Famous Places maps. Unfortunately, it seems to be nearly every game and usually not the first map. Had a perfect game going and then got the black screen on the last map. Grr.
  • Hi guys

    Sorry about that! If you're only having this problem on certain maps, it most likely is a problem with the locations themselves and not something on your device. Sometimes Google removes locations from Street view which in turn can result in a black screen. We have added a few features in the past to minimize this problem but we're working on more. In the meantime please bear with us, or try playing a different map!

  • So I tried everything that you said it worked for you but it isn't working for me. It happens on all locations, also I went out for 2 hours and came back it still didnt work. 

    You Can Call Bran3
  • It's happened again, literally just now, but I clicked on the 'return to start' button and it wasn't black anymore. I'm back to where I started though.
  • Hi guys

    Sorry for the late reply! Have you tried to disable hardware acceleration in the browser? Judging by your screenshots this looks like it could be the cause of your problems.

  • Yes, I did it and I still have the same problem, with chrome as well as on my Ipad. However, Google Street View works properly and everything else too. I still have 10 «geoguess» in my «current events» that I cannot complete because a black screen. I'm always waiting if you'll find a solution to this.
    Best regards.

    René Savard, Québec City
  • Hi RenĂ©

    Thanks for the update!
    If possible could you copy the url from one of the problematic games in your "current evets" list and post it here,or send it to, I'll take a closer look!

  • Hi Anton
    Thank you for your prompt response. Here are some requested urls as examples. Hope this will help you find a solution to this problem.
    René Savard, Québec City
  • It seems to be happening a fair bit on the famous places map
  • The last few days I've gotten more black screens than not.

    I'm not sure if this will help, but it was worth a try:
    Nicole Auger
  • There was also this:
    "play:1 The SSL certificate used to load resources from will be distrusted in M70. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading these resources. See for more information. Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
    play:1 Access to Image at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 403."
    Nicole Auger
    US Cities - using Chrome
    Mark T
  • Hi,
    Having the same problem in World and Famous Places
    Here is a link from 'famous paaces'

    Would be great if you found a fix!

  • I saw the black screen :-/
    René Savard, Québec City
  • pfff 3 black screens in a famous places challenge, let me know when it gets solved, i won't play anymore until then bye bye
  • It black screens every time no matter what and I even tried everything above and none of it worked
    Kyler Thompson
  • Black screen in the US Cities map. It was in downtown New Orleans, at 29.945888, -90.068194. Didn't occur for the rest of the game.
    Will Bennett
  • SERIOUSLY This is an assignment for my class and I have gotten perfect scores and now the last location is black everywhere I GO!! Either know to drop us off in a location that does not have any problems or make a fkn way to change locations if this happens without randomly guessing on the map of the whole WORLD and losing points. Its ridiculous how this is still an issue. like wtf. Oh and I an not running on some program that no one has heard of and everything is up to date and running perfectly so I know it is not a problem on my end.
  • I understand. That's the reason why i left
    René Savard, Québec City
  • Simple solution to reduce stress is to provide a exit/delete option on any game....  like others I resent losing out to technical issues.  And my backlog of incomplete (black screen) games is a persistent annoyance.
    Otherwise, a superb game.  Now if you could connect it to a stationary bicycle, we could offset those hours lounging around
  • frankenstein91
  • I just have an error from JavaScript
    Jay Scott
  • No more errors! Yay \o/
    Jay Scott
  • I get black screen with a little view on right hand side. Disabled hardware acceleration etc. Makes no difference. All browsers are black.
    Use a Dell Studio W7 Ultimate
    Please help.
  • Sachin Aswal

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