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Black screen - not due to missing/outdated map footage?

It has happened to me at least twice that by some interruption of a round a black screen appeared when I wanted to continue. Unfortenately I am not able to describe how exactly it happened 🙁 In both cases, on "Continue", a new instance of the same game had opened and later (when I wasn't able to find the location) also saved in the unfinished games list.

In the first case, I have finished the new instance later, but the black screened "twin" stays in the list forever. Here's the URL:

In the second case, again the game was saved as two instances in the list. However, a couple of days later I was able to see (!) and then finish both of them.

In both cases it were "look inside" photos, not road views. The fact that a second - playable - instance of the same view is opened & saved points to a problem NOT related to the source Google maps. Hope this helps a bit towards identifying the dreaded black screen problem...

Otherwise... great game, lots of fun, THANK YOU!
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  • That's a common problem already known by the devs:

    You have 2 kinds of black screens:
    - photospheres (the "look inside" like you say) which are pictures uploaded by third party users like you or me: Geoguessr has a problem loading them sometimes (you can try later, sometimes it will load). You can see the name of the photographer at the bottom right corner (which can sometimes be a clue about the country).
    - removed coverage: Google removes coverage (randomly, often without any explicit reason), but the game tried to load it as the locations are saved in a large database. You know it's removed when the bottom corner will show the message "this picture may be subject to copyright" or something similar.

    The first issue could be easily fixed by adding some setting to the game for disabling photosphere selection... but the second issue isn't that easy to fix as coverage can be removed at any time by Google so they would have to check their millions of locations all the time, which obviously is too time-consuming.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for helping out! It's as described above, photospheres and removed locations that causes this. We need to fix both, sorry. 


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