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Black screen (April 2020)

I subscribe to the pro version 2 hours ago but I just cancelled it because there are too many issues while playing that it is not fun anymore.
It started well so I thought the pro version would not have the same black screen issue as the free version. But it also has it. The more I played, the worse it got. It's a bit sad not to be able to play a game you paid for (even if the price is fair).


  • Which map are you playing?
  • Hi A,

    Sorry to hear that, which map are you having issues with? It's getting worse you say, does that mean that you get multiple black locations per game or could the issue something else like memory issues with the browser etc?

  • Hello,
    I play on the World map.
    And for example,I play the 3 first rounds fine. Some black screen issues appear sometimes but it's only foe few seconds. So this is fine with these.
    But then on the 4th round, the black screens appear for longer time andI have to move few meters further to get the image back.
    Then on the next round, this issue happens again but even by going further it doesn't remove the black screen.
    It seems like a loading issue and that the more you play the more it happens. If you play 15 minutes it's fine. If you play an hour, some issues. If you play 2 hours, a lot of black screens.
  • I know I'm replying late to this, but it may be of help to other users.

    I have had this very problem in March/April too. When everyone here went in Corona lockdown and worked from home my Internet speed fell to 5 Mb/s, which is just a fifth of my normal speed. At that time the images often didn't load as fast as I clicked forward, and sometimes went black. This got worse during an evening as even more people used the internet. As you reverse a few steps, the browser quickly reloads from the cache.

    Amazingly, the black screens didn't appear with the same images in StreetView. But then, comparing the images in GeoGuessr and StreetView with a screen loupe, I found that the (good) images here in GG are of a better quality and therefore perhaps larger. Perhaps Google still scales down their image resolution for faster online use.

    I find that these problems begin when transmission rate falls below 10 Mb/s. At first, pictures take longer to load, later some get black for short time, and only below 5 Mb/s some refuse to load altogether.

    So, if you have a slower internet connection, you just need to be a bit patient for the pictures to load. And please, GeoGuesser, do not reduce image quality, as finding a location depends so much on being able to read road signs and other writing.


  • I've just created my account and my first map is a black screen!!! Spain: cities and towns... from Sheila Lopez
  • It's pretty annoying when you get 1 free map a day and they are just black screens! I love the idea of this and would be happy to become a "Pro Member" but the black screen thing needs to be sorted first.
  • I encounter the same problems: got Pro yesterday because I really like the game and the concept but a black screen on every other set of maps is too annoying. Any help?
  • Which maps are you playing? Some maps made by users may have deleted locations by Google since they were created.
  • It is too many to remember but one of them was in the Aaachen playlist, another one was Tel Aviv. Refreshing does not work either, what can I do?
  • i have gotten a black screen on every single one of the last half dozen maps I have played
  • I didn't used to get black screens, but since getting pro I've been getting them nonstop for every map I tried. It seems to act the same on all game modes and maps equally, doesn't appear to act differently after closing tabs, clearing search history, restarting laptop, etc., and my internet is good enough that I find it highly, highly unlikely that that is the issue. As I mentioned, prior to getting pro I never had this issue. Is there a way to fix this bug?

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