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Hey, i love the new Battle Royale game mode. But i was just wondering what battle royale ranks exist. Could you please tell me what ranks exist and what level do you need to get them.

Thanks a lot!
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  • I know its level 15 for silver and 30 for gold
  • Having some method to interact with people in BR would be fun. Maybe a system like the emote chat in Hearthstone so people aren't cheating through text chat.
    Cyrus M.
  • hi, i found a bug in battle royale, it happened 3 times today, when 3/4 people remain in the game i can't lock nations, the button is impossible to click, is like "stuck" (and obviously i lost cause of that issue), maybe is just a connection problem (i have a good connection tho), thanks
  • Hi. I liked one spot that came up in one of the Battle Royale rounds. Is there any way to see the starting positions of each round after the game is over?
  • Hi,

    Not at the moment no. But i have sent the suggestion over to the rest of the team!

  • Hello Guys! I have an question for the BR private lobbys. is it possible to add some settings like no move or nmpz for it? it would be great to play with viewers when streaming!
    Thx for that great game and your great work! much greetz and love!
  • Heyo!

    We have discussed it when we have talked about more custom settings. So hopefully we can add it down the line 😀

  • Please add some other countries which have street view, such as: Armenia, Puerto Rico, Libanon, Taiwan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bosnia And Herzegovina, San Marino, Vatican, Vietnam, Myanmar.
  • Those following countries do not have official Google Street View coverage: Armenia, Lebanon (outside of a few small landmarks), Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Myanmar. They only have unofficial coverage which is unplayable with GeoGuessr because of the low quality and extremely limited navigation.
  • When playing BR in distance mode and press "Play again" it starts a game in country mode.
  • I have also encountered the bug that Foo said: When playing BR in distance mode and hitting play again, sometimes it starts a game in Country mode.

    I_believe_ it happens when you hit play again and a lobby starts to form, but then other players drop and maybe something like a new lobby is formed?
    Chris Tramel
  • Just Played a few Games of Distance Battle, how is it that in this (seemingly) harder Mode i get a lot less XP, is this intentional? like a win in Country Mode grants me around 180 XP, in the Distance Mode i got around max. 100 per Win.
  • We are working on the XP in Distance, so hopefully it will be a bit boosted now since the games are longer.
  • Hi! I just got the membership and everything works fine except for Battle Royale. Everytime i try to play, it bugs and "something unexpected happened" appears above a compass xd.
    Am I doing something wrong or does happen to more people?
  • "We are working on the XP in Distance, so hopefully it will be a bit boosted now since the games are longer."

    Nice to hear, I'll try it right away 😀
  • The "something unexpected happened" could be a lot of different things.

    Have you tried another device, browser, clearing cache and cookies and see if its working?

  • Can we have an option in private lobbies of Battle Royale to go by points without eliminations? I want to play this mode with ~5 friends but I don't want the worst guesser to be eliminated cause thats no fun when you're just vibing with friends. Option to let everyone play for distance points or something and see the ranking at the end.
  • If you want to play this way then use the regular game mode, make a challenge on any map and set a timer of one minute. That's literally what you want.
  • Hi,

    I've encountered a problem with the new "distance battle" gamemode. When i've already used one guess, sometimes it doesn't register a second guess. In one round, I tried three guesses and have the game still place me in the same spot I clicked the first time. I've confirmed it doesn't have anything to do with my internet connection as I've played on super fast networks and i still get this problem. It's really annoying because it kind of breaks the game. In a lot of rounds, I just have one guess, because of this problem. Friends of mine have encountered this problem as well.
    I hope there's a way to fix it, would be amazing.

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,
  • @Mapper I'm aware of the normal challenge maps but we like the live playing together mode of BR, it would make it more fun to hop in discord voice with friends and play in a live lobby together. The challenge mode allows people to do it at different times. Just doesn't have the same feel that the BR mode has.

    @Bram This is not an issue but a feature, if you make a second guess and your position does not move its because you have not moved closer to the target. It uses your best guess from the whole round.
  • Hey,

    I am playing with a Mac and somehow every time I want to play battle royale it says "something unexpected happened", so I am not able to play battle royale. Why does this happen?
  • Hi,

    That is a generic error and hard to pinpoint. Sometimes its the Safari-browser that is the issue. So if you have not, I would recommend trying Chrome instead and see if it works better.
  • I've been having a problem with battle royale distance mode the last few games I've played (all today).  When I place my initial marker for any round, the game initiates a 5 second cooldown before the marker is actually placed and I can first see where I stand compared to the other competitors.  This can be a significant handicap and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this issue.
    Steve K.
  • @Steve K.

    That is intentional so that you can't spam guesses so quickly to overtake someone at the last second before they can react.
  • I understand the cooldown between guesses, but I'm talking about the first guess that I make during a round.  I'll place the marker (again, my first guess for the round), and I have to wait 5 seconds before the game processes the guess and places it onscreen - I can see the countdown before the marker is placed.  I've played the game over a hundred times in this mode and seen many youtubers playing distance mode, and I know that when the user makes his/her 1st guess for a round, that guess is placed more or less immediately by the computer - only afterwards come the 5 sec cooldowns.  This is some sort of glitch, not by design.
    Steve K.
  • Hi, is it viable to add country name tooltips on the already-guessed flags for when you hover over them - I think it would help with players trying to trick people with flags like Romania/Chad
  • It is intended to not have names. We could get the country code before by right clicking the flags but they took time to remove it. And Chad Move is the best thing that exists in Battle Royale. The problem is more on the fact some territories have the same flag which is a bit weird (like Norway / Svalbard).
  • When will the gamemode battle royale come in iPad?
    Huub Dam
  • Has 50/50 been removed from Battle Royale? I'm no longer receiving the icon.
  • Hi, is it possible to choose the division i want to play?

    The thing is im on Silver division and all my friends are still on a lower one.
    I've seen the option to play on the lower division, but only if it's taking too long for other players to connect.
  • I used to play on Ipad with a family members the pass and play game mode . Set a timer and set the rounds and whoever is the closest wins . Can no longer find this . i was going to pay to go pro but from what i’ve seen you can’t even play pass and play on premium membership?
  • Is there a way to play with battle royale players that have a lower rank than you?
    Sir Charles III of Spain
  • Hey,

     I love the game but today had problems in BR. People were playing ahead of me.While i was on locked phase people were guessing correct etc.I lost time and eventually lost the game. Is it a game problem or me?
  • Is it the Countdown timer that others are having issues with?
  • @Filip, i think yes. 80 s sounds scary! i have normally 30 or a bit more between the rounds in duels but result is the same. there is no chance to make an guess...  greetings <3
  • Yepp we are working on the issue. In case you have a URL on when it happens to share along with:

    Browser and Version
    Operating system and version
    If you are using any extensions or plugins

    That would be great. Thanks
  • @Filip
    Any idea if pass and play will be re-added so i can play with family members?
  • No news on the old pass n play. We are working on a co-op mode though which will be out on the site soon.
  • Hi, I just wanted you to know that u can't pick Maledives in events like 'Fun with flags'. I've seen some people with no problem to pick the country, but 8/10 won't ever answer due to this issue. Thanks.
  • Same apply for Marshall Islands.
  • Yeppers we have it in the backlog to fix 😀
  • Hi there,
    I do love your games, but recently when I logged in, it surprised me a lot that the so-called "beta season" completely replaced everything in the previous battle royale section. There used to be level numbers and tiers for distance, country, and duels respectively, but now I can only see a huge division sign with a single overall rating over there. It is pretty reasonable that you have applied a better ladder-tournament system to improve players' gaming experience and morph the game mode to be more contested and extendable. Indeed you did a great job in making the new system fit those purposes, but I felt a bit sad when seeing all my historical records cleared in the BR section page, and now I can only see them in the user profile. Also, I was somewhat upset that my previous levels and tiers were converted into a generic rating which seems far less than the former data. It is probably because too many GeoGuessr masters turned the top tiers so overcrowded that you had to overhaul the competition system. Sorry that I do not have much time to trace your updates, but I hope your games can be more and more popular!
  • Hey, am I alone to don't receive any points or xp for my battle royale games ?Doing some TOP1 or TOP2 and receiving like 0 points and 0 xp 🙁
  • We are looking into this issue 😀
  • Should be resolved now 👍

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