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Battle Royale suggestion


i think the new battle royale mode is great, but when theres a lot of countries guessed at once, its sometimes hard to see which countries are already guessed from only a list of flags, my suggestion is that when a country is guessed, you can't click it anymore and it gets an overlay on the map like this (



  • that makes it way too easy. seeing the other people's guesses is alreayd such a huge help.
  • Yeah I wouldn't add this. The flags are great though. If anything, maybe add a tooltip to the flag icons as some flags are hard to distinguish against but since the list of Battle Royale countries is already rather limited that is not often an issue...
  • I am a big supporter of this feature and I really hope the devs will see this.
    The pro’s I see:
    - Limit the tedious process for new players of clicking on countries and seeing if they are already guessed.
    - More interaction between the players, which could create a sense of urgency and competition.
    - Prevents double guesses which are just annoying and make nobody feel good.
    - creates longer games which give players a bigger sense of accomplishment when you win/place higher.
    - Prevents “Chad moves” (where you pick a countries with a similar flag as the correct one so people won’t pick the correct country.)
    I don’t believe this feature gives an unnecessary advantage to anyone or makes the game too easy as players already know which countries have been guessed, the only difference is that now they would show on the map.
  • Hi Koen,

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I have sent this on to the team internally.

  • That’s great Filip. Thank you very much

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