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Battle Royale: Stop the new feature

This 50/50 option is absolutely nonsense. The finals are no enjoyable like this anymore. Please remove it asap.
Raschlav Burski


  • Yes please, this new feature is ridiculous
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • Yes please, it has lost all its enjoyment.
  • I spent the time to lookup the new feature, find this forum, and post here just to say how awful the new feature is. It completely removes skill from the game.
  • Totally agree. One of the worst thing about this: One of the two suggestions more often than not is actually a country that was already guessed wrongly. So it's not even 50:50 anymore.
  • 50/50 is totally fine. It helps new players, while pretty much does not affect skilled ones.
  • @Zka I disagree.

    1) You guess Lesotho in the first round as the only player and are about to win straight up. Then in the final moment 5 more players get it from 50/50. You don't get an edge from your actual knowledge.

    2) Final round between 2 players. Some vague map in the middle of nowhere, first to click 50/50 wins. Nothing to do with skill, just speed or luck.

    Personally 50/50 has killed BR for me, which is a real shame because BR was one of the best additions to this game.
  • You have one 50/50 per game. So does everyone. You pretend as if the only function of 50/50 would be to beat you but you don't consider that you can also beat others with it. So biased. While lesser skilled players will likely waste it in the first rounds, more skilled ones can save it for later. In the end the only impact is that players drop out slower.
    Also if you have a fair bit of knowledge, 50/50 will be barely useful, most countries can be identified in seconds (unless you play NMPZ).

  • In my experience the most fun rounds are the hardest ones, where you're actually racing with other people to figure out which country you're in. Those are not only nail-biting but also educational.

    If you can just 50/50 on the hardest round every game, those rounds become much less interesting and fun and there's less incentive to actually get better at recognizing countries versus strategizing about when to use 50/50, since there are generally only 1 or 2 of those rounds per game (most often Eastern Europe or Latin America).

    BR was the main reason I finally got a pro subscription, but I'm considering cancelling now because of 50/50. It makes the game much less pure and ruins my motivation to actually try to improve
  • Heyo!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have raised this to the team.

    For now in Private lobbys the 50/50 feature can be disabled.


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