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Battle Royale - Short distances should be considered as a draw

In Distance Battle Royale it regularly happens that players are very close to the spot, under a few meters. The problem is that Google Maps is not enough accurate, the road can be misplaced for a few meters, same for the panorama location which is used for the perfect spot. This leads to random guesses awarding the player that was the luckiest which can be quite frustrating. I myself don't like winning like that as I don't feel I deserved a win just because I was lucky to put my guess 20cm closer from a random spot.

Ideally when two or + players are all under something like 15m they should all be qualified for the next round because at this point they were basically all on the right spot. This way nobody will lose just because they didn't make a random lucky guess.


  • Interesting idea actually! Will raise it to the team!

  • Also bumping this.

    I had games like that where I and the other last opponent were both on the spot in Antigua and Barbuda after 10 seconds, and the whole thing was just to burn all of our guesses left to see who would be the luckiest.

    Based on my experience, I'd rather say 25m insted of 15m for the threshold, to account for map discrepancies.

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