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Battle Royale not working...

Hey there, whenever I go to play a game of Geogessr Battle Royale, the game never loads. When I go into a game the timer counts down, but the game does not start. And, if I manage to get into a game, it won't let me lock in my guess. Can anyone help? (i have a pro subscription)
Garrett Lawrence


  • Hi Garrett,

    Does this issue still persists for you?

    If you can give us some more information in regards to what device you are using, operating system and browser we can look into this further.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Filip -
    This problem persists for me. I just updated to a pro subscription a few days ago. I can play unlimited other modes just fine. I can play classic mode. But in either one of the BR modes, the game counts down and then just pauses. It does not load the map at all. It also seems that the game does not add players when there are still slots.
  • Hard to say what the issue is. I cannot see any limitations as such on the account. Have tried on the account as well and works for me. Is it the same issue in another browser or device (if possible to test of course)?
  • Hey Filip - Thanks for the response. I have had no problems running any of the competitive modes on iOS. It's just desktop. And I have tried on a different browser (first tried on Chrome, then tried on Firefox - neither work). I have turned off AdBlock on Chrome; that did not fix the problem. I also cleared the cache on Chrome to no avail and restarted my computer. My wifi is fairly top tier, and I play other console games with no issues in online multiplayer.
  • Could you send me an email with the info in Inspect/Console in Chrome when you try to start a game and I can raise a ticket to the team. Thanks!

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