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Battle Royale - no moving / NMPZ modes?

I've seen some of the top players on YouTube playing Battle Royales without moving (as well as no moving, panning or zooming) so that they can handicap themselves and still try to win.

I was thinking that it'd be great if there was an actual mode for this so that you could compete with others who don't want to move and make it a fair game rather than always just a handicap. Obviously there would need to be enough people wanting to play the same mode simultaneously to make it work, but I never see any problems with normal Battle Royales filling up so hopefully there would be the right level of demand.

Maybe just start with no moving, and if that proves popular then NMPZ could be added further down the line.

Pete & Nat


  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestion!

    We have gotten this from quite a few players earlier as well, and hopefully in the future we can offer it as either a setting in Tournaments or something similar, or perhaps in the private games. 🙂


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