Battle Royale issues.

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To explain my point; at the end of the first round, you see 5 people have the right answer, but the next round has spaces for 5 people to pass (rather than just 4). Then you can see the other 4 people get knocked out in the next round, but I still play an extra round.

This has happened many times this week; too many spaces open to pass to the next round than there should be.

Once, after around 5 people passed the first round, there were places for 8 people to pass in the next round. Later, in the same game, there were spaces for about 4 to pass, even though there were only two of us remaining in the game. We ended up playing multiple extra rounds, with the clock counting all the way to the end each time, until, finally, we got to the "final round" (where there was only one space to pass) and my opponent won, but in the summary, it said that I had won. I can only assume that I guessed correctly first when the *true* final round happened. Because this seems to be affecting other people too, I can only imagine it's an issue with the server somewhere, rather than with anything my end.

I think the correct results are being achieved, but mistakes seem to be happening (and time being wasted) along the way.

I play on iPad - don't know if iPad players and people playing on other platforms are mixed or not.

I also get an issue where I sometimes get put into the same location as I was in the previous round. I can tell others don't get the same problem as they're often guessing the right country fairly quickly. I end up having to use 50/50 and get a feel from others' wrong answers as to where I am.



  • Hi Russ,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback!

    In regards to the players, both Mobile/Desktop are playing together. When it comes to double panoramas, that is an issue we are looking into in the longrun since it happens when a failed location cant load (due to being removed by Google).

    When it comes to how many players are shown at the top, I have raised it to the mobile team to look further into! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the reply, Filip!

    Are you saying that the "double panoramas" only affect mobile users and not desktop users?

    If a location has been removed by Google, surely it would affect everyone, wouldn't it?
  • No double panoramas is an issue both for desktop and mobile for the time being.
  • That was what I thought. It's just I was confused how locations being deleted by Google would explain how I can't see the location, but other people can. Could you elaborate?
  • Thats another issue which is related but an intermittent one. So we have it on the to do as well πŸ™‚
  • Sweet! Thanks very much for your service! 😊
  • Thanks for reporting as well, much appreciated! πŸ™‚

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