Battle Royale incorrect answer

So i was playing a game of Battle Royale with a friend.
The first thing both i and my friend saw, was a Bulgarian flag.So we both lock in Bulgaria, but it´s wrong. We proceed to look around for other clues as i find a car with an un-blurred licence plate that says BU.
Both I and my friend were confused and we started to guess countries bordering to Bulgaria, but all our guesses were incorrect, the correct answer was Slovenia.
Please explain to me if this was a bug of sorts in the game or what else pontentially could´ve been the issue.

Regards, Blocket Jobb
Blocket Jobb


  • Either it was a Bulgarian flag in Slovenia (for example their embassy in Ljubljana: ) or a bug. Was the previous round in Bulgaria too?

    Not sure what BU is but for Bulgaria it's BG.

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