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Battle Royale - Expanding Map Hides Standings

just some feedback on the new look & functionality in geoguessr - generally I like it a lot, well done, but I have a serious issue with the new look and positioning of the standings panel in Battle Royale (distance) - opening the map hides pretty much all of the panel, so you can't see distances between your guess and other people's guesses and sometimes you can't even see your standing! This is extremely inconvenient, especially in the last 1-2 rounds when often you have to place guesses as soon as they are off cooldown - seeing how far the other players' guesses are from yours is a crucial part of the game. (I know you can wait for it to close by itself, but that takes a few seconds, and shrinking it makes it more inconvenient to place the next guess when it's off cooldown.) Please fix this asap! (Otherwise I really like the direction you are headed with the new look, rankings systems, etc. !)


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