Battle Royale Distance bug


Today I'm facing major issues in this mode due to locations not loading at all. It keeps saying "loading location" and nothing happens. The map is not visible, no zoom or other tools available.

Reloading does not work. I'm using Chrome browser.
I'm fairly certain it's not my issue only as most of the players in the games were not guessing either, causing all the games to end in the first or max the second round, with placing being completely random it seems. 

It happened in my last 3 games in a row and I got two 3rd places and one 1st place for doing absolutely nothing. This affected the event leaderboard, my badges and my statistics and I think it's not fair.

I did not and I'm not planning to try other modes as I don't wanna waste event games.
I also saw other players' forum posts reporting about same locations during rounds and I do believe it would be fair to suspend the event until both issues are fixed.


  • Hi,

    We had a bug just now, that should have been resolved. But we are also having some issues with duplicate panoramas which we are working on resolving for the long term.

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