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Battle Royale countries

I love playing geoguessr. Especially with friends. But I have played battle royale for quite some time now and I know every single country in it and it just gets a bit boring after you learn every country. So my question is, are you going to add more countries to battle royale? There are many many countries with street view and there are some on Country Streak that are not included in Battle Royale. I would love if there would be added more countries and i think it'll make the game much more fun, interesting and less repetitive.
Baldean Stefan


  • Yeah I was wondering if Dominican Republic could be added as a country to Battle Royale? Two cities in DR have pretty vast coverage so I think it could be done
  • Heyo,

    New countries have been added! 😀

  • Thank you Filip! Is there any way we can tell which ones got added exactly? So far I've seen Dominican Republic and Vietnam.
  • Its a trade secret! 😀 But San Marino and Laos as well!


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