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Battle royale countries - 25 seconds in preview screen

Recently every time I start a level in Battle Royale Countries, I have to wait 25 seconds before I can pan, zoom and move not to mention actually make a guess. This is really unfair becuase other players are guessing and in one case I was eliminated on an easy round (Japan) before I even had the opportunity to guess. This can't be right? Not to mention also permanently losing my 50/50


  • Hi Zeb,

    Can you send an email to with the URL to a Round when this happens. And also if you are able to do a screen-recording and we can look further into this.

    In the meantime you can try playing with another browser/device and see if it works better.

  • Thanks for the reply Filip. I cleared my browsing data and this seemed to restore me back to 5 second countdowns. How on earth that fixes it I have no idea! I though still don't have 50/50 will try a few other browsers though prefer edge for this PC.


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