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Battle Royale but with distance

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I had an idea that I think is a better version of battle royal. You get one minute and you put a pin in an actual location (like normal games), not just a country. Then, people advance in the following numbers (obviously based on who's closest):

10 (first round) -> 7 -> 5 -> 3 -> 2 -> Winner

This means every game will be 5 rounds and roughly 5 minutes (less if people guess before time is up).


  • maybe as a different game mode. but i like the current battle royale (minus 50/50)
  • Yea, that was the point. A new, completely separate game mode.
  • Thats a cool idea, and something we have discussed.

    I will relay on your thoughts to the team!

  • Thanks for implementing this game mode! I'm enjoying it so far, and I'm really happy to have both the country guessing mode and the distance mode available.
  • Hi Cole,

    Glad you enjoy it!


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