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Battle Royale Bugs

I have encountered four bugs, the latter two being produced more recently:

1. the island of "bonaire" doesnt have a flag, which leads to weird rendering of player hearts and wrong guesses grid

2. a black screen before the round has begun: this happens quite often, and requires the player to move to actually load the content. I imagine you should be able to perform a check to see if the screen is black or not and refresh if so.

3. submissions not working: this has occurred to me two times. In the last time, it was from a UK round where I started on a black screen, and after the gold time ended, my guess didnt go through? and I was knocked out.

4. map not cycling to new map: this occurred when I was playing a Sri Lanka round (3 players left), I made my guess correctly in the gold time, and I continued to move around until someone else made a correct guess. The next round, I was placed in the same location as I was in Sri Lanka, to which I guessed. A bit over halfway through the gold time, it cycled me to the Botswana map, however my guess remained locked in (leaving me with two guesses left).

Thank you 😀

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