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Battle Royale, Border locations in wrong country


I have been playing your new gamemode Battle Royale (which is great).

I've noticed that the game thinks many locations near borders are in the wrong country. For example, for some locations in UAE the game thinks its Oman. And for some locations in Thailand the game thinks its in Myanmar.

Thought you might want to know.

Kind regards,

Pieter Seinen


  • The border locations may be technically correct (by a few metres) but I think you should remove most of those locations. Better to have a photosphere in Caracas than a SV location on a bridge on the Colombian border, for instance.
    Dadge City
  • Yes, the borders makes huge problems at Battle Royal. For example, it confuses Switzerland with Liechtenstein, UAE with Oman and Croatia with Bosnia.

    Raschlav Burski

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