Battle Royale 50/50

So I've been a pro member for a while, and really love the new Battle Royale mode. I understand that some people may have found it difficult, but I think there is something to be said for the challange making it more enjoyable (and replayable). In its current form, the 50/50 completely changes the feel of the game. It is more about gaming this feature than using the clues around you. If removing it is not an option I would suggest at least nerfing it some extent. Give like 4 options to choose from (which are linguistically/geographically similar, it is a bit of a give-away when you have 2 options and one is like Tunisia and the other is Norway or something)


  • Hi Simeon,

    Glad you enjoy BR so far! I understand that 50/50 is a hot topic at the moment. I will relay this on to the rest of the team!


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