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Battle Royal statistics

Come on guys, at least have a counter in the profile showing how many times you've won Battle Royale? Badges would be nice too.


  • YES!!
  • It's better to not have statistics right now as it is quite new had can contain bugs. After they finish fixing the problems we can encounter (like wrong picture displayed) then they can add statistics.
  • Hi gang!

    Like our long time friend mr Mapper said. We are looking into this as well, so hopefully down the line this will be implemented 😀

  • Good to read this.

    Kudos to whoever came up with the idea of this game mode. It really gives an advantage to those who really a feel for the location, instead of just Googling a name appearing in the photos, like some people do in the Daily Challenge (3 minutes for each location is way too long, imo).
  • I'm also hoping for a ranking system, perhaps TrueSkill?

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