Battle royal - guess button

Dear Geoguessr Team!

Is there any chance to add akeyboard shortcutto the guess button? I knocked out five times out of ten because of the vertically very small guess button. It's extremly annoying. Or at least can you give me some feedback about this?
Bochnert Albert


  • A little explanation: The battle royal tends to be a speed game. To scroll the right place and hit the tiny button in time is a crucial point.
    Bochnert Albert
  • +1

    Can be very cumbersome to hit the button with the Mac OS icon Dock popping up right over it. Probably not just link the ENTER button but maybe Cmd/Ctrl+ENTER should do it?
  • Thanks for the suggestion!

    I will relay it to the rest of the gang and see if its something we can incorporate!


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