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Ban cheaters on Daily Challenge

I'm tired of seeing people getting 25k with 0m on every Spot, any chance they're getting banned?

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  • Happened again today... top score has 0m on every single spot. If you view the summary, there's not even a centimeter of deviation, they are directly on the mark every time.
    Also not a cheater
  • I found one method people may be using to cheat, and it's dead simple. You can find the address and lat/long of the quiz extremely easily using your browser. This doesn't appear to explain how some of these people are getting 100% directly on the money (0m) but given that it only took me 15 minutes to figure out how to find the address and lat/long of every quiz within a few seconds, someone with a bit more knowledge probably can use the same data to find the pinpoint location. The devs really need to look into seeing if there's a way to obscure the network activity. The problem is, they're pinging Google's street view API and have to pass the location to them (or they get it back, not sure which) and even if you were to store it in a cookie and parse it server-side, you probably can't hide the network activity. At some point the browser is going to need to know the secret location. It's a shame because I play the game clean and bought a membership assuming everyone else did so it would be a real challenge. I don't know that anything can really be done about this, cheaters will be cheaters...
    Also not a cheater
  • Yes the way the API works makes cheating blocking almost impossible. And even without visible coordinates you can't prevent someone to make an alt account, play once to get locations,  and play again with the pro account to get a perfect. This is literally impossible to prevent. So in the end just ignore the leaderboard.
  • I realize you're right Mapper. I went from fuming about it today to realizing that since there's no way to obscuring API calls, it is what it is. The game is still fun to play as soon as I forget about the cheaters. Just like cheaters in any game, I'll never understand what they get out of it... certainly not satisfaction. I'll be proud of getting 24k+ the old fashioned way!
    Also not a cheater
  • I totally agree with you Also not a cheater. It's infuriating seeing those stupidly high scores, even though you know they are "false". I too play the game clean and really can't understand the point of cheating in this game as for me it's all about your sleuthing and language skills. I try to ignore them too, but it still irks. I've been playing long enough to know which are the cheaters and don't even include them in the leaderboard.
    Margaret Louise Smart
  • It would be fun and challenging to play a daily challenge against a large group of non-cheaters.  I looked into "leagues" (the "pro" scares me), but not sure if that fit's the bill.  I have scored 25,000 pts in the normal Geoguessr, but I've taken over an hour on many of the rounds using all the tools that I know of.  Any person scoring 25,000 in a time-limited game (150 secs) is using more than mapping skills.

    Too bad you can't set something up for the 90% of us who would enjoy a brisk challenge and have paid their annual rent!
  • Sadly, leagues isn't the solution for your Problems. There are tons of Googler's out there even in leagues.
    Not a cheater
  • We should at least be able to block a user so they no longer can play our maps.
  • Being able to ban any people from playing a map is an open door to abuses... I think reporting a player for cheating is better so the devs can just block them from appearing in results. This way they can cheat as much as they want, we'll never see them. Banning people from our challenges and leagues would make sense though and I wish we could have this.
  • if you are grabbing the locations from an api query, then the ban on 0.0 placements will never work. cheaters will just add in a bit of randomness to the Long. and Lat. and miss by +- 1 meter or +- 2,4 meters. what ever gets them 25.000 every time and not have easily discoverable cheats.
    i don't believe the devs could prove someone is cheating. and i don't believe the rules of membership involve *not* getting 0.0 every time.
    i don't believe anything can be done by the devs. many cheaters, i guess, are paying customers and GG is a business.
    i believe the only thing and perhaps the best thing any of us can do is pity the cheaters and know that they are the losers even when they will.
    Bara Fara
  • Was considering subbing today, but noticed scores 25k with total game time of 14 seconds. 2-4 seconds per round.
    Making me twice about bothering.
    Thing is, what does it get them? Unlikely they will be known in person, no monetary value.
    Locking out the leader board ?

  • I don't know why you are saying that "the way the API works makes cheating blocking almost impossible".  If a person gets 0m in less than a minute more than once in a game they are cheating.  Ban them.  Done.

    Anyone who gets 0m should be suspect.

    Do you notice that the 0m location is often not on the street where all the pictures are taken from because the street map doesn't line up to street view properly? Therefore if a user pinpoints a location off the street in google maps and ends up with zero m then they should be eliminated. That would take care of about 99% of them.

    Usain Bolt's world record 100m is 9.58 seconds.

    If someone beat him with a time of 2 seconds i'm willing to bet they are cheating.

    That's what 0m results are ...  2 second 100m dashes...
    Also not a cheater
  • point is whatever parameters you arbitrarily assign for cheating thresholds can always be worked around and adjusted to allow for cheaters to accomplish optimal "non-cheating" score. people will always be able to get the answers from a dry run on an alt account and then adjust from there.
    only true way would be every one getting a random 5 locations, which obviously puts everyone on unfair playing level - but cheating could be made "impossible".
  • Came here to post the same thing. One person is doing it to market a Twitch channel. They are using two accounts (or more). Finding locations with one account, then rapidly going to the now-known locations with second account.

    My recommendation:

    Do this once, 7-day ban.
    Do it twice, 30-day ban.
    Do it again, account is blocked from Daily Challenge.

  • To be honest, the Daily Challenge is usually pretty shit. I have stopped caring if people cheat on it. In a lot of instances you're in the middle of nowhere without a sign in sight for 3 minutes in either direction. And pretty much every other game you're next to the Burj Khalifa. When I saw it like 3 days in a row last month is when I gave up on the Daily Challenge.
  • Yeah, I agree, it's repeating a good bit. Gets tiresome.
    Louise Smart
  • I guess most of these guys just want to get the badge for winning the daily challenge. This badge must be removed or changed to hit 23K+ on daily or something that is totally feasible without cheating. The brettster guy who uses this to advertise his twitch url is particularly disgusting tho.

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