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are there any information about the badges?
I'd like to know what i have to achieve to get the badges.

Thank you for your answer!
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  • Hi Mike,

    No not at the moment, I guess we didn't think about that.. Good point. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Now November, there is still no information about Badges :  what do the different ones mean, what do the numbers mean, do you have to be logged-in to earn them, do you have to be subscribed to Pro, how do you earn a badge?  I just won 3 badges playing one of the New Maps, but ??.
  • Hi Jim - sorry it's taking so long. We'll address this as soon as we're able.

  • February 16th Of February 2018 still no description on badges
  • thats unbelieveable
  • ​​​​Better late than never I guess. Sorry about the delay guys.
  • So where is the information?  I just got a third Globetrotter, but I have no idea why.  A mouseover info for each badge on the badges page would be helpful.
  • August 2018 and still no information. 🙁

    I have no idea how I got Globetrotter twice and I still don't know what the Geobuff badges are.
  • Hi guys

    Sorry for the late reply, we've had some low activity during the summer months!

    We've now expanded the information on the badges to also show the hints on badges that you've already earned. The information can be found on the badges page ( if you hover over the already earned badges, or below the badge name for badges you have yet to earn. The information may vary in clarity depending on the badge, some are very straight forward while other are more covert. This is intentional, at least for now, since we don't want the badge page to be "shopping list" on how to get all of them.

  • Bumping this thread about the Globetrotter badge. Is it supposed to increment every time we play a different map? Because I played many different maps, even maps in the "new maps" category, and it never increased. I only got it 3 times at some time (a long time ago now). The description says "Why not try a few new maps?" so I assume the badge amount is to show how many different maps we played. But it's apparently not that. Would be cool to have this statistic.

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