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Badge for long-time daily players?

I know there is a badge for 50-in-a-row. So I started to take up the challenge of doing daily challenges to see if I could get to play 50 consecutive daily challenges. And I managed to do that. I'm currently at 53 days. This took me about 80 days in all reality, because first time around I failed at 32 days or so. My own fault, but still. All in all I find that think of myself as a pretty loyal player (i.e. customer) but there are no badges to show my prowess in this area. It would be nice if there were badges for doing dailies for x number of days in a row. Maybe 30, 60, 100? Something like that?


  • Hi,

    That makes sense! I will see what we can do 😀

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  • You're welcome of course, and thank YOU as well. Looking forward to see what you come up with. 😀
  • At 75 now. 😀
    Working towards at least 100.

    Not meaning to rush you at all hahaha ...


  • 8 more days after today!
    If I will be able to maintain, it looks like July 5 would be a great day!
    Dick Tjepkema

  • Badge time?
    Dick Tjepkema
  • We are planning to do a complete overhaul of the Badges that we currently have in place.

    I will see if I can add some to the DC for now 😀

  • Hi Filip,

    Anything would be awesome of course. And no rush, I'll just keep going as long as I can keep going. Currently at 151 days. 😀

    I am curious though, what is the absolute record so far for the daily challenge? What's the highest 'days played in a row' so far, across Geoguessr?


    Dick Tjepkema
  • Ps. Good luck and have fun creating the badge system replacement. I'm a big fan, and I'm convinced that whatever you do, you'll make it great.

    Pps. My wife was impressed with my skills learned from Geoguessr when we were looking for a vacation home to rent. We found one, but no address and only a vague location indicator (region). Through some typical Geoguessr deductions, I was able to pinpoint it on Google Maps and find out more important details about it. Fun!
    Dick Tjepkema
  • Close to half a year of dailies!

    Dick Tjepkema
  • GeoClectus
  • I just learned of another player that has 245 days under the belt! That's awesome! Encourages me to carry on. I'm at 208 atm.
  • Ended up at 259 and skipped a day, so now back to 0. Also see

    @Filip I guess it never got around to get implemented what you said. There was no quick fix, and the badge system hasn't been overhauled that I can notice and no announcements to fix this. I'm not asking for myself anymore, I'm also asking for the other players that are actually trying to set personal bests and got longer streaks than I did.

    Time for a break from GeoGuessr. Too many changes and problems that are frustrating me. My tip: fix some issues first, then pump out new features. Hint: fix cheating, fix bad locations, fix reward system.

    I'm sure I'll check back in due time, but for now time for a break. Thank you.

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