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Awful Photosphere Ruins Attempted Perfect 'Famous Places' Run

So I'm trying to do a  perfect run marathon of every official map set and I was on a roll, but my attempt at 'Famous Places' was stopped short by this absolutely awful photosphere. I can't even tell what the famous landmark is meant to be. A castle? Other than the scantest view of the supposedly famous thing, all you can see from the photosphere is trees, cobblestoned pathways/walls, hills and random tourists. There are too many places this could be based on so little information and the tiny part of whatever it is that you can see is nowhere near enough to figure out even what it's meant to be, let alone where it is. Literally all I can say for certain is that it is some sort of stone/cement structure sitting on top of a hill with something red in it. Are terrible photospheres like this that ruin the game ever going to fully be removed? And if anyone does happen to know what this is even meant to be, can you tell me so I know fo future? I'm re-doing the Famous Places attempt, but I still want to know.

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  • That's the Pena Palace in Portugal, west of Sintra (Lisbon District). This is a very beautiful place with lot of colors, I visited it this summer. Sadly it's unlikely the photosphere issue will be resolved, the devs are back in the inactivity as usual. And it's even worse when you know this place has actual coverage from Google where you can move with HD pictures.
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