Avatars are terrible.

Please find a better way to manage inappropriate profile pictures.  Your new avatars are terrible and remove personalization and important branding (for known YTers and Streamers).  It was a terrible decision and one that unfortunately is probably more about customization dollars than the stated reduction of inappropriate images.


  • Well its not only about inappropriate pictures. It gives us more space for customization, 3D, animations etc down the line. So hopefully in future iterations it will be cooler. Who knows if YTers or Streamers might get a custom shirt for instance.
  • Doesn't change the fact that it's a terrible update that doesn't seem to be too popular.  But hey, why listen to the player base?

  • True we never listen to our player base for anything we do. Good point! 🤝
  • ...Really? You know it's GeoGuessr we're talking about. A geography game where you place a pin on a map. The game doesn't need all those useless 3D things that will just overload the website and potentially cause trouble to players with low-end computers. A simple picture is enough to fill the pin on the map. This is what everyone see most of the time.
  • Well then listen now.  I'm not interested in Wii/Metaverse avatar "customization, 3D, animations".  I and many other just want our normal old PFPs back.  You're making it way more complicated than it need be.

  • This is a horrific change, what the hell has gotten into you?

    Do I need to be worried about the game being ruined altogether?
    Very long-time player
  • "It gives us more space for customization, 3D, animations etc down the line". I'm sorry, but no one wants this! The game does not require any of these things and I think you are going down the wrong path. I would gladly take my old PFP back and so would 95% of the community.
    Please rethink this decision.
  • If people are using inappropriate profile pictures, just let us report them. Don't punish the rest of us because of the few bad players (I personally have never come across an inappropriate PFP). It's very clear the majority of us despise this change, and it's quite unfair to force this on us without first listening to our opinions for such a significant change. I know that it's been stated that there are no current plant to go back, but please reconsider.

    Thanks you
  • If people are using inappropriate profile pictures, just let us report them. Don't punish the rest of us because of the few bad players (I personally have never come across an inappropriate PFP). It's very clear the majority of us despise this change, and it's quite unfair to force this on us without first listening to our opinions for such a significant change. I know that it's been stated that there are no current plant to go back, but please reconsider.

    Thank you
  • That our profile pictures are instantly irreversibly removed without warning when, just out of innocent curiosity, we click an "edit" button, even after clicking cancel, is one of the darkest UX patterns I've ever seen.

    I've never seen anything like it before, it's so user-hostile I can barely believe it.

    I don't think even Microsoft or Facebook or some other such barely-even-pretending-not-to-be evil companies would do something that breaks such a basic universal expectation about how user-interfaces work. It's a betrayal that is far worse than it would seem just from its superficial effect.

    To push through an unpopular change by, essentially, trying to shift the blame for ruining something your users loved onto their own actions, which you tricked them into...

    I've played for years, I've been a happy paying user for years, I've recommended this game to so many people, I've never had anything but extremely positive feelings about the game or its developers, but this suddenly comes out of nowhere makes me feel bitter.  I really, really don't like it.
    Very long-time player
  • > Copied from a reddit comment I made.

    I personally think it was a bad decision.

    Firstly I do not like the design of the avatars. I'm not sure what exactly what it is but it inspires a visceral hatred. To me, they radiate the some energy of those nft monkeys.

    Secondly, while the you may allege it gives more space for customization that is clearly not true. Profile pics can literally be anything, while these are limited to a very specific style. The attire and attributes of your avatar may be customizable, but if one, as me, hates the style, there is nothing that can be done.

    Thirdly I dislike the lack of transparency around this. This goes for almost every decision the devs make, but although some things are better as secrets, in general please tell the community about changes that are being implemented. Explain how features work, and if making a new thing, please do some research to see if it is going to be received well in order to prevent things like this from occurring.

  • I'm not trying to extrapolate my experience and assume it's this way for everyone, but I've played about 400 competitive games in total over the course of the spring season and only once saw a swastika profile picture. Is it really that common for people to have offensive avatars? And why can't we simply report them? Is the process of banning such users that difficult? Most services and websites offer the ability to use a custom avatar, and I guess I just don't see how Geoguessr is any different from any other website with social aspects.

    But I will gladly echo what my fellow players above me have already said in that I absolutely abhor the design of the new avatars. This is a very out-of-touch decision that the development team should have known to avoid making, especially with the near-universal backlash to the appearance of Facebook's "metaverse" avatars. The style is not cool, it is not cute. It's widely seen as strange and uncanny, and even the slightest bit of research into the field of UX/social preferences would've elucidated this fact.
  • I'm not a streamer or YouTuber but I empathise with their loss of branding consistency across platforms with these avatars.

    I am just a regular GeoGuessr player who is unimpressed and underwhelmed by the avatar designs (apologies to the designer). I understand that you probably want a more streamlined look but they lack the quirky and fun customisation options that exist on some other sites (Snoo for example). As youre going for a 'human' look, and as a female subscriber, there appears to be fewer options for customisation. Aesthetically, they're all a bit 'dull'. Also, where are the avatars with disabilities? (e.g. amputees, wheelchairs, eye patches, etc). Even the clothing options do not reflect people from diverse cultures from around the world that play GeoGuessr (e.g. Where are the turbans, thoubs, hijabs, more modest 'female' clothing, etc?). You're a global game with a global audience; representation matters.

    Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love the game and community you've created. Just because we dont know your plans for their integration into the game doesnt mean they'd be a bad thing necessarily but it's hard to know how they're expected to enhance the user experience when the non competitive user experience currently seems pretty good.
  • I'm not opposed to the introduction of avatars, but why entirely phase out pfps? I've been playing regularly for 2 years and can't recall seeing an inappropriate pfp. Removing pfps removes a layer of personalisation and essentially replaces it with a bitmoji. What you were doing before with pfp moderation was clearly working because i didn't see anything inappropriate. No need to punish the many who like their pfps for a few bad eggs. If essentially every social media and a slew of other services and websites can deal with it, why can't Geoguessr?
  • The avatars could have had potential but the design style and absurd lack of customization makes it all look like a half-done attempt at this avatar based pfp approach. If you're going to do something and make it mandatory, do it right the first time, not something that will be 'fixed later' while users are stuck having to deal with it now. If the avatars were an optional choice as a trial run, you could have realized the lack of users that want them while avoiding the backlash. Thankfully this isn't a gameplay impacting change, but the apparent lack of listening to community feedback is frustrating and leads to worrisome thoughts about what would happen if a controversial gameplay change was made.
  • Wow... spent some time trying to figure out what happened to my profile pic, then found this thread.  Can't belive this was done without warning.  The avatars are awful.  This sucks!
  • I have played this beautifully created game for years and I love it, although some of the updates given to the game are getting ridiculous I think the the excitement of seeing rainbolts angry emoji pfp or geowizards GW are so important for the community, please find a better way to manage profile pictures, this game does not need 3d animations in the future it is perfect as it is.
  • Your smartass responses and general unprofessionalism isn't helping.
  • I want back my profile pic immediately. I'm a pro user and it's not acceptable, that you changed that. My profile pic was like my brand. Bring it back or I will really consider leaving the Geoguessr Community.
  • Filip, as a long-term pro player I’ll just have to chip in and can only agree with everyone else here. Please reconsider this decision. Everyone loved their customized icons.


  • Hey there, I've been a regular user and community member for 2 years and helped showcase geoguessr to 78000 live viewers at SGDQ 2021, so I am fairly entrenched in the community. Taking away people's actual identity and pretending like this is actually good because you can maybe add some different options in the future is pompous and brain dead. Make it an option to add new things if people want, sure, but you're basically openly making everyone look bland and identical. If you're going to make stupid changes you should at least be truthful about why you're doing it instead of acting like you're actually doing us a favour.
  • We do not have any plans on reverting back or removing avatars. Hopefully in the future when we have more customizability connected to these they will stand out more so that one can make them look more unique. For now the pin in the guessing map can still be a picture of your own choosing if you change it under "Edit your Profile".
  • @filip

    Your responses are extremely snarky and arrogant. Anything but what characterizes the Geoguessr community. You are on the wrong track, stop it before you ruin everything.

  • Congrats, this is the worst thing I've seen you do in a while. You might as well remove usernames too because otherwise people might start to recognize each other. Just think, if you do that you can say you might add the option to add pre-set names later. I don't think I'll be renewing my pro if this is the kind of weird bullshit that's going to be pushed onto us. At least have the balls to say the real reasons why you're doing it instead of acting like it's good and pretending we will like it.
  • Also I noticed you're posting on these forums with a selfie attached, that is a little too much personality and identity for me so if you could please change it to an avatar it would be appreciated.
  • I miss my pfp

  • > Well its not only about inappropriate pictures. It gives us more space for customization, 3D, animations etc down the line. So hopefully in future iterations it will be cooler. Who knows if YTers or Streamers might get a custom shirt for instance.

    Ok and what makes you think that we want that? I prefer my old profile pic to these ugly NFT looking things. Why not just give us the option to choose? Why does it matter if GeoWizard gets a custom shirt when he can just use his profile pic? I have been playing this game since 2015 and I have not once seen an inappropriate picture.

    > True we never listen to our player base for anything we do. Good point! 🤝

    A smartass response like this honestly just pathetic. There is actual criticism here and on reddit and this is how you respond? And who in the community did you even consult with before making these changes? I was not asked my opinion and I have been playing for over 6 years, and to my knowledge nobody else in the community was spoken to. This poll on reddit would suggest that the majority of users do not want these changes. https://www.reddit.com/poll/vno4fs?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=geoguessr&utm_content=t3_vno4fs
  • Worst update ever. Why not just remove usernames, too? They can be very offensive sometimes.
    No, but seriously, why? The new avatars have very few customization options, they honestly look really bad and literally nobody asked for them. If there are people who want to use them, fine, feel free to do so, but PLEASE let players use normal profile pictures as well.
  • The avatars were terrible enough but the awful attitude you have with your responses towards this community are appalling. Really regretting having recently gotten the annual subscription. Going to see if my bank will allow me to issue a chargeback on it tomorrow. I was enjoying getting into this community and it sucks for the game to be ruined by rude and out of touch developers. There must be some people in the community that could create a copy of this game where the devs actually cared about the players.
  • No you are all right. It was not right of me to write like that and Im sorry about that. What I meant was more that I believe we have made a lot of changes and updates to the site which has derived from the community as well.

    My hopes are still though that it will be cool in the future to have Avatars when we can spend more time on them and include some sort of achievement-reward thingy connected to it down the line.

    In case someone has just purchased the game we can as we always have refund within the 14 day withdrawal right as per the terms. So can always send an email to subscription@geoguessr.com and I can help further.
  • I understand that it *could* be cool to have avatars in the future, especially if we could unlock rare items through different challenges; but they are very clearly not production-ready at this state. If you want to introduce them so people can start beta-testing them, go right ahead. I'm sure most of us would be fine with that. But forcing us to get rid of our profile pictures (or at least not properly warning us first before customizing the avatar) is really saddening and unfair. From that Reddit poll, it's pretty clear that ~90% of the community is against this change (at least in its current state). Please at least consider letting us revert to our profile pictures until the avatars are in a much more customizable, production-ready state. I believe this would greatly resolve the community's backlash and at least get us more on board with the idea in the end.
  • Thanks for the feedback! Have sent it on to the team, but I believe that we will not revert back at this point but rather see if we can provide more assets to the avatars as soon as we can.
  • The biggest practical loss for this change is that in the future we will not be able to easily see who made which guess in BR distance and live challenges. It is also annoying that now I have to scan the names of the friend list instead of just looking at the profile pictures.

    But anyway, I don't think that I will ever bother to customize the avatar. After the viking seal disappears, I will be using whatever the system throws at me.
  • Yeah that is a something we need to sort out, for now of course the picture will be shown.
  • Ok i get the whole thing about customability and there are some people that do enjoy avatars, but why the need to get rid of image pfps? Can't we have both co-exist?
  • No offense, but wtf am I reading !!?? This makes no sense to me (and to over 80% of active players looks like), how about we stop having egos mister devs and revert the update like any decent game would if their update was very negatively received ! And maybe just make the pfp customization only available for players that have been playing for at least a month with pro subscription or something, but don't punish 99% of players for 1% braindead infants. Because yes, this is a punishment mister devs, if I want these avatars I would just go back in 2008 and play WII, ty.
    Or at least revert for know and go back to the lab and make something better idk, but this ain't it. Hopefully offense was somewhat given but not too harshly.
  • I'm yet another person that's had their PFP irreversibly removed because I dared to take a quick look at the Avatar creator.

    I can appreciate why a change like his has been introduced but I'm astounded at the half-arsed way it's been done. It comes across as a bad alpha release; feature-poor and badly tested.
  • Hey, I understand the decision on the new avatars. I am on the same side as the majority and dont like the look right now. But I hope in the future you gonna improve a lot.
    But if you will ad animations and maybe 3d avatars, please make sure to watch the performance. or add a performance mode. Some thing like that can really wreck the overall performance.
    And please do more about cheaters before anything else. It got really bad recently, and I have almost no fun in playing competitive modes.
  • Absolutely, good feedback! We are trying to remove as much as we can in terms of cheaters, seems to have spiked recently indeed.
  • Please delete them, they are ugly af.
  • Well at least you can still have the pin as a custom picture. You should maybe make it more obvious, but it is fine with that. Avatars are useless but with that at least not removing anything.
  • Absolutely, it is in the FAQ as well that changing the picture in Edit your profile will keep that one for the pin.
  • Dear devs,

    As you can clearly see, nobody asked for this in the first place, nor does the community appreciate it. This is an anti-user policy and I am deeply saddened by this kind of action from a game that I used to consider having a stable and healthy player-dev relationship.
    By not reverting this change, or at least implementing it in a way similar to what Reddit does (both PFPs and Avatars at the same time) you essentially proof that, from this point on, you don't care about the community anymore. Please reconsider, else the community will move on to alternative games.
  • I wanna congrat the geoguessr devs to be the first devs to refuse to go back after doing a stupid update.
    Image filters are a thing for so long but ofc the best thing to do is to add an unfinished avatar update no one ever asked.
    Now we have pro-players quitting and you look so jealous with it.
    You have 1 week to revert it and give us an open letter or I am cancelling my subscription
  • Just browsing the official Twitter account and the first few responses, your treatment of community members who have legitimate concerns is alarming. Very unprofessional and somewhat shocking because I've seen your previous communication with the community and it has always been good up until this.
  • > Nearly 100% community backlash/disapproval.
    > "We (still) have no intention of reverting or removing avatars."

    Listen, I understand that people worked on these and that it's technically not fair to the designers to scrap their work within a day of it rolling out, but the lack of transparency here and overall disrespect to the player base outweighs any feelings or concern I have for the team behind this move. This entire thing is negative from every angle. Any "cool" ambitions you have for these avatars have already been permanently stained by the backlash surrounding their initial implementation.

    However, as a compromise, I would say that the obvious solution here is to leave the avatars in the game but give players an option to use their own profile picture and border. There might be some neat features for the avatars in the future, as you've vaguely hinted at, but the negative opinions regarding the avatars' aesthetic in their current iteration are literally ubiquitous. How is it even possible that you guys don't see that?
  • Hey Filip, I'm sure you and the team are pretty excited about this change, and are probably also disappointed to see how badly it has been received by the community. But you have to accept that the large majority thinks this is a terrible idea.

    I really liked the freedom of identifying myself however I wanted with a custom profile picture. I liked how easy it was to recognise people I had played with before, and I particularly liked receiving friend requests from people who are in the same fandom as I am, recognisable by their profile pictures. I'm sad that all of this is gone now.

    I guess I'm begging you guys to please reconsider this change.
    Geoguessr enthusiast
  • At least be honest with us about the reason for removing profile pics. It's so obvious that there's an ulterior motive behind this change, seeing as this has been an incredibly unpopular update and that profile pictures have already made the game customizable enough. If you were only worried about inappropriate profile pics and making the game more customizable then this update would have been reversed by now. If you're doing this to appeal to a broader audience or to get investors further down the line then just say so. The community would understand and appreciate the transparency.

    That being said, Geoguessr doesn't seem like the kind of game that would benefit from a change like this. The game is already pretty niche as it is and I don't think going this direction would attract new players nor keep current players happy.
  • ZzZzZzZzZzZz.
  • I understand why you removed them. But the new avatars are the most soulless beady-eyed creatures and look so much worse than the previous default images.

    If the solution was decent, a lot fewer people would be complaining here.

  • Barely 10% of players like this change, yet you are determined to push on https://www.reddit.com/r/geoguessr/comments/vno4fs/new_avatars_poll/. I understand the desire for developers to explore new options, but I do not understand why current pro players cannot keep their profile pictures.

    Feel free to force new players into making avatars, feel free to limit profile picture changes to once a year, to only accounts with a certain age, etc.. but please don't strip all long-time players of their ingame identity.
  • What happens to the level borders? I would love to keep them in pre game lobbies aswell!
  • We are working on adding borders into the pre game lobbies 👍
  • Filip answers so fast, he should be this fast to bring the pfp back!
    Also, what is the real reason to remove them? Don't even try to say it's because of inappropriate pictures because I've been active for the last 3 years and crossed to 2 or maybe 3 inappropriate pictures.
    it's money right? You want us to pay 19,99 for a GeoWizard print on my stupid avatar?

  • It is not for inappropriate avatars. Thats just a pro that comes with it.

    We will introduce achievements based on avatar parts etc in the future. Play a map, or get top x in a season and get some avatar parts etc.
  • Thank you for the fast response.

    But I have to ask: is the vast majority of users who are opposed to this change irrelevant to you? Will you keep following this agenda regardless of the many warnings from the playerbase? This invasive change annoys people more than you think.
  • If I want an avatar I can play Wii or something like this. But in Geoguessr I want my profile pic and I don't care about achievements on an avatar. You already have trophies and other stuff like this. You have not one good argument. Terrible decision and terrible communication.
  • Whenever you force or trick someone into doing something and then leave them with no choice, you incur their wrath because you leave them powerless to control their own affairs.
    A simple choice, allowing users to choose between having an avatar or their own profile picture, will give you the opportunity to survey how many people like and use your new avatars, and how many prefer to keep their old ones, with their photos on them ! The results of users' choices will show you the right path to follow! That way everyone would be happy!
    But acting like dictators will not work in your favor!
    To put me in a situation with the ultimatum - put this crappy avatar on your profile (and look like *hit with it) or else just leave, really insults me and guess what I will do? That's right, your guess was 5m from the correct location. As much as I love your game, I'm going to quit if you guys don't stop forcing me to put your horse *hit on my face soon, I'm going to pee on your game!
    And it seems I'm not the only one who will, there are plenty of users who also don't like how you've dishonored their dignity!
    Besides that lately the game has been terrible more often than not in all three competitive games, sometimes it freezes so bad that you have to wait too long to get back into the game, sometimes it blacks out and you have to refresh your tab, other times it lags in the game so much that you can't place your pin on the map and click guess! I've lost a few games because of these bugs and now I wonder if it's even worth the money!

  • The fact Filip or any other devs aren't addressing the immensity of the backlash is alarming, to say the least.
  • and the devs disappeared again...
    maybe they are thinking about another rude and arrogant way to reply
  • Please, just please get rid of avatars. This is the worst update to a game I have literally ever seen. 100% worst way to solve a problem that was not a huge deal in the first place. I have yet to see anyone here who is enjoying these, and they honestly do not look good. If you are really going that broke, then just add some fancy custom borders or something, but not listening to your community is not a good sign. Just wanted to be another voice here, hoping you guys see reason, although with your attitude and treatment of people here I would be surprised if you do. One can always hope though
  • > It is not for inappropriate avatars. Thats just a pro that comes with it.
    > We will introduce achievements based on avatar parts etc in the future. Play a map, or get top x in a season and get some avatar parts etc.

    Then why not allow both avatars and pictures? People who are interested in achievements could use avatars and the others could use pictures.
  • Please tell me why we can't have a choice which system we want to use?
    This is the most unnecessary controversy that you created all on your own. Are so insecure in their quality that you have to force people to use them? If they're that great let people choose, they will definitely all choose avatars, right?
    No, because you shipped a half-baked "feature" that destroys people's online personality they've built up over the years. You can recognize me all over the internet by my profile picture. Twitch, discord, reddit, twitter, youtube...geoguessr? Not anymore. We're all anonymous potato people now. Even Reddit, where you have avatars, let's you still choose normal pfps, because of course, why the hell not? Who are they to tell their users their personality could be better expressed through avatars. Do you not realize how arrogant that would be?
    I don't know how out of touch you gotta be to not see that a LOT of people absolutely despise these avatar figures, no matter how much you can customize them.
    Please tell me why you feel the need to FORCE people to use them, because there sure ain't a technical reason why avatars and pfps can't coexist.
  • I'm going to add my own disagreement with the new avatars to the long list of unhappy users here. It's not only that they're bleak and don't have enough customizable features for the moment (the female customization options are laughable). It's the way they've been implemented, without letting us know first and without giving us any kind of choice. That goes against any kind of marketing rule ever.
    You need to consult with your target audience and see if what you want to *sell* is actually going to be liked by your customers. Otherwise, what is the point in doing this? In fact I'm willing to bet that you don't have a knowledgeable marketing or PR team, because if you did, you'd have implemented this change in a much better way and had some well thoght out answers to most of the community questions.
    Stripping a layer of personality out of your customers for the sake of "uniqueness" is actually the opposite of what you want to achieve. Let that skin in.
  • I just lost the rainbolt's tourney because of this avatar bs that overload the site, it's all recorded 😃
  • Adding my voice to express my sadness and disappointment.

    This all reminds me of when you geo devs added the new compass. No one asked for it, we didn't even have a choice until the community started a protest and you eventually had to add a setting to let us choose between both compasses (I'm still unsure why we can't have both compasses by the way). At least the new compass implementation didn't have loopholes that the community exploited day one!

    Why do geoguessr developers think releasing an unfinished, bugged, incomplete feature, without any form of pre-implementation communication, user survey, or at the very least some AB testing, is a good idea? Someone needs to take some basic UX courses. You have a big game now, with a big user base. We expect more from you.

    I cancelled by subscription and at this point I just hope the new map maker will be good. The community gave all the ideas and even some implementation exemples. Please don't make it another disappointment. Waiting for it to renew my subscription.
  • > You have a big game now, with a big user base.

    That userbase ain't gonna be very big after this fiasco lmao
  • It's insane that the devs are willing to stake the success of this game on this stupid update.
  • was thinking about signing up for pro, but this avatar update has made me rethink that. ugly af, i wont opt into this. i assumed it was something you could change at anytime. i assumed the reason why i was seeing so many in match-ups was because players liked them. turns out that is not true. they keep them because there is no way to change back. wtf.

    nintendo miis are horrible. i have been hoping nintendo would finally ditch them ever since the the wii u days but they persist on the switch and now this virus has spread to geogusser... why, just why? the existing icon system looked neat and elegant.

    but sadly this is something i have come to expect when something becomes too successful, devs will try to fix things that are not broken because they get bored when everything works super great and there is nothing left for them to do so they invent problems that need to be fixed (see discord etc) and i know from my own experience with database development it is an easy trap to fall into.

  • @gk64

    "...when everything works super great and there is nothing left for them to do so they invent problems that need to be fixed..."

    Well, actually, there are many things that need to be fixed in Geoguessr. The most imperative would be something along the lines of establishing a kind of anti-cheat algorithm or means of preventing players from using third-party scripts to instantly 5k locations in competitive game modes. Finding a way of punishing people who Google during games would likely be much harder, but this is another area in which time and energy should be invested in creating a solution.

    You're right, though: the old borders were indeed very nice. The designs weren't overly extravagent and just looked, as you said, neat and elegant. One of the main things I keep seeing Filip and the devs say about this update is that this "offers more customization" (a custom profile picture doesn't?) and that we'll be seeing some kind of aesthetic rewards for people who do well in competitive and other game modes. Gee, imagine adding specialized borders for that instead. How hard would that be?

    And lastly, yes: it's the Ninendo Wii avatars that I was thinking of when I first saw these. I couldn't really put my finger on it (I've never owned a Wii) but that's exactly what they look like, and I hate to project my own personal experiences onto the masses, but the only conversation I've ever seen regarding those avatars was about how utterly hideous they are.
  • Edit: I meant to pluralize "conversations" in the last sentence above. I've seen this complaint several times.
  • Offering more customizability in return for good results in competitive (or elsewhere in the game) is definitely creating yet another incentive for cheating. So that's clearly not a great idea.

    Fix cheating, and then we talk about progress reward, deal?
  • Dear Filip and the Geoguessr team,

    Thank you so much for introducing customizable avatars to the game! This update has made the game even more enjoyable for me and I can't thank you enough.

    Some of the things I like about the update include:

    -The ability to choose my own avatar. I love being able to personalize my experience in the game and make it my own.

    -The new avatar options. I was really excited to see all of the new options for avatars and I love being able to choose from different styles.

    -The fact that avatars are now available for everyone. I think this is a great update for the game and I'm excited to see how it impacts the community.

    I wanted to share a personal story about how the game has impacted my life. I have been playing Geoguessr for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I've never been good at geography, but this game has really helped me improve my knowledge of the world.

    But more than the game just being fun, the avatars have also had a really positive impact on my personal life. For so long, I felt like I was just a small, insignificant person in the world and that no one really noticed me. But now, with my own avatar, I feel like I finally have a presence in the game and that people can see me and know who I am.

    It may sound silly, but it's really meant a lot to me and has made me feel more confident and happy. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this amazing update!



  • Lmfao^
  • Filip get these ugly funko pops off my screen 
  • Can we have the option to opt-out from these hideous "Funko-Pop" human avatars (i.e. hide them from the game) and preserve our profile pictures? This is like those mETAveRSE avatars rich people had hyped about that forced you to conform onto a human avatar.

    I really am not willing to give up my dragon profile pic for a Funko-Pop, just because it's cOOl and ANimatED!!!1
  • the systems are literally working side by side right now. just let people choose what they want. this really is a no-brainer dude, why is this even up for debate??
  • Just played for the first time in a couple weeks, and imagine my confusion when seeing these soulless nightmares on the screen. Please remove them ASAP

  • I got my identity stripped from me because I was curious on what these avatars were and couldn't revert it after LOL literally tricking players to conform to this avatar bs. least give female players more options, 1 hair style? awful move genuinely
  • So we're now 1 month on from the implementation and nothing has changed.  Why were these rolled out in such a half assed way?  I'm not gonna get into the repeated topic about whether they are a good idea or not (because everyone, including yourselves know they are terrible, lets not kid ourselves).

    But if you were going to make this the "future" of avatars why push it out in such an unprofessional manner? The worst thing of all was no communication (and still no communication a month on other than snarky comments on here). No message stating why, no updates, no changes. Half the userbase still has the old ones, half have the new ones, then a few are stuck somewhere in between or even some script modified ones, it makes it look so bad.

    Just please communicate more, it will help us and it will help you. I've supported geoguessr for a long time and will continue to do so as I love the game, but your PR is getting worse and it's making it more difficult to be optimistic about the future.

    In the end the main issue is not the avatars, it's unlikely to turn many people away even if every single person dislikes it.  But poor management, poor communication and bodged updates will do.    I understand you have to find new ways to generate revenue, but maybe finish the product you have created before rolling it out in future.
  • Hi,
    (First message here although I've been a pro user for two years.)

    Please allow both avatar options to coexist. If only one option can remain to reduce maintenance costs, please revert to using normal images.
    I've read above that entering avatar edition and clicking cancel automatically migrates to the new avatar system, I would consider this as a bug and a breach of trust.
    Suggestion: default new users to the new system if you want but have an option to switch between the two systems.

  • Ugh.

    Jesus christ. Reading through this long conversation makes me unable to help but notice the absolutely piss poor communication *with* and the treatment *of* (most likely) paying customers.

    Let's first go over the response to the update and the response to that response (what a mouthful!).

    Seeing the absolutely scathing reception of this update, I can say we can all agree on the fact that only a small minority have any sort of tolerance for it. Of course, we've pretty much all heard the same comments (NFT, Funko Pop) on it. Simply speaking, it's not liked.

    And what has been done? Sarcastic and snarky comments, arbitrary reasoning, and laughably bad customer service.

    Not even fifteen minutes after the post, what we got was this:

    * An arbitrary reasoning to try and give some kind of tolerance for this that we didn't fall for because we didn't want it.

    * The infamous: "True we never listen to our player base for anything we do. Good point! 🤝"

    ^ Come on. Not only does this not address the issue of not listening to feedback at hand, it's just purely unprofessional and downright disrespectful. What a shame. Quelle dommage.

    It carries on.

    "We do not have any plans on reverting back or removing avatars. Hopefully in the future when we have more customizability connected to these they will stand out more so that one can make them look more unique. For now the pin in the guessing map can still be a picture of your own choosing if you change it under "Edit your Profile"."

    ^ Nothing at all? Nothing to at least address the criticism? Not even allowing a coexistence between the old and new systems? The problem with the premise is that unless you were lucky enough to have your account made before the change, you will have no identity or means of expressing yourself. That is what the criticism is trying to stop and avoid for the community's sake, catering to both parties who would and wouldn't rather have this. Not only this, it's still more garbage about customizing your avatar in cool ways *in the future*. Not even now, and not even addressing that most of us would rather keep their old system. I can't say for sure whether you do listen occasionally to your community or not, but if so, is the understandably harsh criticism from a majority of your community not relevant to you enough to at least take a step back and reconsider to take steps that will take the game further forward than not doing anything about it?

    Let's bring another response to the desk. A fellow community member drops this:

    "Filip answers so fast, he should be this fast to bring the pfp back!
    Also, what is the real reason to remove them? Don't even try to say it's because of inappropriate pictures because I've been active for the last 3 years and crossed to 2 or maybe 3 inappropriate pictures.
    it's money right? You want us to pay 19,99 for a GeoWizard print on my stupid avatar?"

    ^ An entirely fair criticism and challenge to what the update is offering. To which gets this response.

    "It is not for inappropriate avatars. Thats just a pro that comes with it. We will introduce achievements based on avatar parts etc in the future. Play a map, or get top x in a season and get some avatar parts etc."

    ^ This is an abhorrent response. A. It simply does not answer the question, so the response itself is pointless at that; and B. It's more mindless preaching about how good it could be. We don't want to use the feature, full stop. So do not try to advertise it more, it's just more invasive and just implies a lack of personality and how out of touch you seem to others.

    After this, we of course get further criticism that is completely fair, and then of course we get the general response to most further comments along the lines of... wait that's it?

    THAT'S ALL! The immense backlash still continues but now we get the twist of no communication whatsoever in terms of at least attempting to justify it or come to be on the same page to compromise on how to implement this further. All of the responses I've mentioned so far only imply that there is no willingness to compromise one bit. This is not customer service. Thumbs down.


    Now we get to the update itself. Oh my god.
    It's not even decent to make someone at least willing to try it.

    1. Just poor customization in general. There's such a lack of diversity it is laughable, especially the female customization options.

    2. As far as I know, it's unannounced. Judging by the responses I can safely assume that there is little communication between the developer and the customer in terms of what is up and coming in future GeoGuessr updates, leaving us with no prior say to at least improve the end product.

    3. It's just downright ugly in general. I know this is subjective but how the update is received shows that the aesthetic is just not good enough to even steer the tolerance of the update in your favour.

    ^ Was it really not more worthwhile waiting longer for a more refined product that would see some sort of long-term use right away than just releasing something that is just an inconvenience and a roadblock to self-expression?

    What can be done?

    1. Give sneak peeks of updates. There are many pros with this as it generates a good reason for excitement and people to visit platforms other than the base GeoGuessr game to see what is new. Furthermore, this will come with the benefit of being able to take criticism before it's too late and then we all hate it and you don't understand why for whatever reason. You WILL NEED to do this, because this is what happens when you do not.

    2. Ask. Run a poll somewhere. Invite critiques to your ideas. It's not that difficult to have a means. There's no "it's too complex to implement" because it is not. Do it in social media, who knows, at this point we just want a voice. If you promise, there is no excuse not doing so.

    I'll end it on this note: Do. Better.
  • Please bring pfp back, avatars are so lifeless, and no matter what customizations you bring to them, they will never be as popular as profilepictures will be. If you really need more monetization (on a paid game?), just make profile page customizations or avatar borders
  • Geoguessr should take notes on Tsumia's response as to what good communication looks like.
  • Get rid of the avatars man no one wants them and no one asked for them
  • @Filip will there by any update from the dev team regarding this? The whole thing is left in a completely unfinished state between two systems, with people not being able to revert to pfps unless they use the exploit. What's stopping you from implementing avatars with broader customization options and the ability to still use a profile picture? (other platforms were able to pull this off too, it's not rocket science)
  • they are too busy adding emojis instead of improving the game and fixing bugs

    and they just hope everybody will forget about the horrible avatars, classic play dead until nobody remembers about it

    this game has fallen so much
  • Please, at least add the option do either, show the profile picture or the avatar!!! Some might like them but I prefer the profile picture feature!! It only needs one button like an on/off for the avatar.
    Amandine Bordera
  • Just wanted to add my voice here. Really not a fan of the avatars and I wish we could just go back to custom profile pics.
  • Going to add my comment so the Geo devs can't pretend this issue has been forgotten. Everyone in the community still really dislikes avatars, and would like the profile pictures back.
  • Im just frustrated and sad. I've been playing this Game for Years now and seeing how Filip is going about this problem is truly saddening. We have mid-November now and still this horrible update hasn't been revoked.
    Im at a loss for words.. I simply can't believe this impudence!
    Sadly I will quit paying to play this game as PFPs were a part of it which made this Game so incredibely awesome. The Avatars are total bullshit and will always be just that, even if the Team or the Devs don't want to hear that, it's the truth and 99% of the whole community thinks the same!
    long time player.
  • Worst decision ever. The fact I tried it just out of curiosity and can’t change it back (as I absolutely hate that avatar) is incredible.
  • Wanted to add my voice here and say that the avatars are not good and that the profile pictures where better and more enjoyable.
  • It just feels very dystopian being forced to select what visually represents ME as an individual from a preselected and limited variety of customisables which don't necessarily align with my own vision of the aesthetic I'd like to represent myself by. It's just really depressing honestly.

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